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College Basketball's Worst Coaching Tenures since 1984-85

Tony Barbee's rough tenure ended earlier this season
<p> College Basketball's Worst Coaching Tenures since 1984-85</p>

Sometimes a coach inherits a bad team or steps into a program where the university simply does not invest in basketball. In some cases, through recruiting, Xs and Os and inspiration, that coach can turn a bad team into a good or even great one.

The guys on this list are not those coaches. Here are the 20 worst coaching tenures in the six major conference since the NCAA Tournament expanded in 1985.

The ACC's Top Heisman Contenders in 2013

Who are the top Heisman Trophy contenders in 2013?
<p> The ACC's Top Heisman Contenders in 2013</p>

The ACC has won two Heisman Trophies. Ever.

Florida State has provided both awards to the league when quarterbacks Chris Weinke won the award in 2000 and Charlie Ward took home the stiff-armed trophy in 1993. Both quarterbacks also have National Championship rings on their fingers as well.

College Football 2013 All-America Team

Athlon projects the All-America Team for 2013.
<p> College Football 2013 All-America Team</p>

Picking a college football All-American team is no easy task. Some positions are deeper than others, while it's also difficult to project how a player will perform with the losses or additions around them.

The SEC leads the way with 24 overall selections across Athlon's four All-America teams. However, the Pac-12 isn't far behind with 23 selections. 

With that in mind, it's time to unveil Athlon's 2013 All-America Team.

College Football Award Watch: Post-Week 1

Our favorites for major the positional awards in college football
<p> College Football Award Watch: Post-Week 1</p>

Why should the Heisman Trophy have all the fun?

Unfair to award contenders or not, the Heisman Trophy is the only major sports award where the favorites are decided almost as soon as the previous winner is named.

ACC Week 1 Preview and Predictions

Athlon previews the Week 1 action in the ACC.
<p> ACC Week 1 Preview and Predictions</p>

Most of the 12 teams in the ACC will be playing easy non-conference openers, but two games stand out as marquee matchups. In Atlanta, NC State plays Tennessee, while Clemson matches up against Auburn on Saturday night. Although neither game means anything for the ACC Championship, it's an opportunity for both teams to earn a huge non-conference victory.

ACC's Top Storylines to Watch in Week 1:

Jokes About Clemson Rivals

Because sometimes it's good to make fun of the other team.
<p> Because sometimes it's good to make fun of the other team.</p>
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Here are some of our favorite jokes about Clemson's biggest rivals:


• What does a South Carolina fan do when the Gamecocks win the championship?
He turns off the PlayStation.


• What do you call a Gamecock in a BCS bowl game? 
A referee.


• Why do South Carolina football players like smart women?
Opposites attract.


• How many Florida State freshmen does it take to change a light bulb?
None. That’s a sophomore course.