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10 Statistical Highlights from LSU vs. Texas A&M Games

The Tigers and Aggies will now play each season in the SEC.
<p> 10 Statistical Highlights from LSU vs. Texas A&amp;M Games</p>

LSU and Texas A&M will meet for the 51st time on Saturday, when the Tigers travel to Kyle Field for the first time since 1995 to battle the Aggies. These two proud schools may be new SEC rivals, but obviously LSU and Texas A&M are very familiar historically and on the recruiting trail.

Post Mortem on the Game of the Century

Jarrett Lee is still a capable QB. Alabama's special teams aren't that bad.
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<p> Alabama's special teams aren't bad. Jarrett Lee is still a solid quarterback. These teams do know how to play offense.</p>

By Mitch Light

We’ve all seen the game by now. Some have called it a classic. Others say it was disappointing due to a lack of offense. We can all agree, however, that there were some serious athletes on the field Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

LSU won the game, 9–6 in overtime, but one game isn’t a large enough sample size to determine which team is better. The Tigers are ranked No. 1, and obviously deserve the top spot, but if these two teams played 10 times on a neutral field, my guess is that each team would win five games.