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Ranking College Football's Top 25 Uniforms

Unit Rankings: 2013 SEC Wide Receivers

Alabama leads the way in the SEC wide receiver rankings for 2013.
<p> Unit Rankings: 2013 SEC Wide Receivers</p>

The SEC is very top-heavy when it comes to receivers in 2013. Leading the way is a cast of potential All-Americans, including Alabama’s Amari Cooper, Vanderbilt’s Jordan Matthews, Ole Miss’ Donte Moncrief and Texas A&M’s Mike Evans. But Georgia’s Malcolm Mitchell and LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr. aren’t far behind.

College Football 2013 All-America Team

Athlon projects the All-America Team for 2013.
<p> College Football 2013 All-America Team</p>

Picking a college football All-American team is no easy task. Some positions are deeper than others, while it's also difficult to project how a player will perform with the losses or additions around them.

The SEC leads the way with 24 overall selections across Athlon's four All-America teams. However, the Pac-12 isn't far behind with 23 selections. 

With that in mind, it's time to unveil Athlon's 2013 All-America Team.

9 Acts of College Football Pranks, Vandalism and Kidnapping

The damage to Howard's Rock at Clemson was only the latest tarnishing of tradition
<p> The damage to Howard's Rock at Clemson was only the latest tarnishing of tradition</p>

Clemson officials acknowledged this week that Howard’s Rock, the iconic touchstone Clemson players rub before running onto the field at home games, was damaged by vandals around June 2 or 3.

The perpetrators allegedly broke into the stadium, removed the glass casing and broke a piece of the rock, which has been a staple of Clemson games since 1966.

Texas A&M Takes a Playful Jab at Alabama and Nick Saban

Texas A&M took a playful jab at Alabama at a fan event.
<p> Texas A&amp;M's Eric Hyman and R. Bowen Loftin take playful jabs at Alabama and Nick Saban.</p>

Considering it’s college football’s offseason, anything that happens on the news circuit is generally blown out of proportion.

However, it’s generally not a good idea to poke the bear. Right? Did the SEC miss the memo?

Well, the rest of the SEC certainly seems to be having some fun at Alabama’s expense this offseason. The Crimson Tide has claimed back-to-back titles and is the favorite to win in 2013. Yet, coach Nick Saban has been the brunt of the jokes by Vanderbilt’s James Franklin and Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis earlier this offseason.

College Football's Top 50 Offensive Linemen of the BCS Era

Who are the greatest blockers of the BCS Era?
<p> College Football's Top 50 Offensive Linemen of the BCS Era</p>

Greatness is defined in so many different ways. Statistical production, individual awards, team success, longevity, supporting cast, level of competition, raw talent and athletic ability all factor heavily in determining overall greatness. Sometimes, you simply know greatness when you see it.

So all factors were considered when trying to determine who the greatest offensive linemen of the BCS era have been. Here are the Top 50 tackles, guards and centers since the BCS was implemented in 1998:

Ranking the SEC's College Football Stadiums

All things considered, which SEC stadium is the best? The worst?
<p> Ranking the SEC's Football Stadiums</p>

Fall Saturdays are special. Especially, in the South.

Small towns, huge crowds, tailgating, bands, cheerleaders and student sections are just a few of the reasons college football is the best sport on the planet. When campuses jump to life across the nation each weekend in the fall, college stadiums become a staging ground for history.

Notre Dame Commit Elijah Hood Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letter

Roll Toilet!
<p> Notre Dame Commit Elijah Hood Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letter&nbsp;</p>

Despite winning back-to-back national championships, not every elite recruit wants to play at Alabama. No, seriously.

One of the nation’s top running back recruits for the class of 2014 – Elijah Hood – poked a little fun at Alabama on Tuesday night. On his Vine account, Hood flushed one of the recruiting letters sent to him from the Crimson Tide and closed the video with a Roll Toilet – a humorous take on Alabama’s usual Roll Tide motto. His closing to the video also sparked the #RollToilet hashtag on Twitter.