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Could a Kurt and Kyle Busch combo work at Joe Gibbs Racing?

Oh Brother, Where the @%&$ Art Thou?
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<p>  </p> <p class="p1"> As Kurt Busch works to rebuild his image and NASCAR Sprint Cup career, there may be an opening with a team and a sponsor that helps him come full-circle.</p>

On Tuesday, Toyota became the latest manufacturer to unveil its 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup racecar. It is the second generation of the Car of Tomorrow, which debuted in the 2007 season to jeers and sneers — that is until Michael McDowell walked away from a head-on impact at 200 mph, tumbling down the three stories of banking and emerging unscathed. Since then, most have been on board with the new car, more so following the early 2010 refresh that saw the spoiler and the splitter going the way of the Convertible Division.