Indianapolis 500

Indy 500: Mario and Marco Andretti Talk History and Heritage

The Andrettis give us insight into Indianapolis Motor Speedway
<p> Indy 500: Mario and Marco Andretti Talk History and Heritage</p>

There are few families whose names are more inextricably linked to the history, heritage and heartbreak of the Indianapolis 500 than the Andrettis. While the Unser Family has the record for most Indianapolis 500 victories with nine, the Andretti Family has encountered more adversity than success at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Backseat Drivers Fan Council

Charlotte, Indy or Monaco?
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<p> The Backseat Drivers Fan Council weighs in on which Memorial Day weekend race was better, grades the Coca-Cola 600 and discusses whether 600 miles are too many.</p>

NASCAR’s longest race of the season concluded one of the biggest days for auto racing fans with Formula One, IndyCar and NASCAR holding among their biggest events on the same day. 

So how did the Coca-Cola 600 compare to those other races? Members of the Backseat Drivers Fan Council judged which race they enjoyed the most, along with grading the Coca-Cola 600 and debating if the race still needs to be 600 miles. Here’s what they had to say: