Michael Waltrip

NASCAR drops hammer on Michael Waltrip Racing

A “split-second decision.” In the midst of one of the harshest penalties handed down in NASCAR’s modern era — or perhaps ever — a “split-second decision” was team owner Michael Waltrip’s explanation for his team’s late-race Richmond strategy, a domino effect of choices Saturday that intentionally manipulated the postseason of an entire sport.

Backseat Drivers Fan Council

Grading NASCAR's television broadcasts and analysts
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<p> Dustin Long's Backseat Drivers Fan Council grade NASCAR's television partners, as well as its programs, personalities and analysts.</p>

The Backseat Drivers Fan Council turns its focus toward the NASCAR media with its second annual survey. Fan Council members grade the different aspects of the NASCAR media from the TV networks, shows and personalities to the reporters, both print and Internet, to the radio shows and personalities covering the sport.