Fantasy Football 2013 Big Board (Top 250)

Arian Foster's calf injury one of many making headlines already
<p> Reigning NFL MVP and rushing champion Adrian Peterson tops our fantasy football Big Board</p>

NFL training camps are in full swing with league-wide preseason action ready to commence later this week. Better still, the official start of the regular season is a little more than a month away, which means this is a perfect time to update Athlon Sports' Fantasy Football 2013 Big Board.

A Recap of Johnny Manziel’s Star-Studded Summer

As training camp starts, we take a look at Johnny Football do everything but practice football this summer.
A Recap of Johnny Manziel’s Star-Studded Summer

Johnny Manziel doesn’t need paparazzi to increase his publicity; he can take care of that all by himself. Here’s a month-by-month review of Manziel’s offseason heading into his rookie year, mostly documented by the former Aggie himself on various social media websites.


For the NFL to Grow, Its Leaders Must Grow Up

In trying times we must ask, "What does the shield stand for anymore?"
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In light of Ray Rice’s recent two-game suspension for his part in an altercation that ended with the decorated Baltimore Raven carelessly dragging his unconscious then-fiancée - now wife – Janay Palmer out of a New Jersey casino elevator, the NFL has been taking some well deserved heat from reporters and journalists all over the nation.

5 NFL Teams Poised to Make Big Turnarounds in 2014

Which of 2013's worst teams could rise this season?
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5 NFL Teams Poised to Make Big Turnarounds in 2014

2014 was a fun year in the football universe, culminating in a Super Bowl championship for the Seattle Seahawks and a runner-up finish for the Denver Broncos. Though these two squads enjoyed deep postseason runs, not every city is blessed with athletes as accomplished as Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson.


The 30 All-Time Greatest Athletes in Film

We're not saying they were great actors, just great athletes
<p> These are 30 athletes who also starred in movies, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson.</p>
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While most athletes are content to enjoy the limelight on the field of competitive sports, many have tried to bask in the bright lights of Hollywood. Here are 30 athletes who made their mark in the movies; some as classic characters in blockbusters and others in forgettable box office disasters.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator (1984)

10 Best Media Day Moments in Super Bowl History

Sometimes someone says something that's not a cliche
<p> Sometimes someone says something that's not a cliche.</p>
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This year's Super Bowl Media Day kicks off on Tuesday, Jan. 28, and will see throngs of news outlets from around the world descending on the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, for a blitz of Seahawks-Broncos coverage. Rarely are stories broken. In fact, the day is typically filled with pat answers and tired cliches. But every once in awhile, someone breaks the monotony and actually says or does something interesting. Here are ten of the best (or at least most notable) Media Day moments in Super Bowl history.

Miami Dolphins 2013 Schedule Analysis

Athlon breaks down each and every team's schedule for the 2013 NFL season.
<p> Athlon breaks down each and every team's schedule for the 2013 NFL season.</p>
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The Miami Dolphins began the season 1-3 last year but finished 6-6 in their final 12 games. So year No. 2 under Joe Philbin begins with cautious optimism. And since scheduling plays a huge role in the outcome of every NFL season, Athlon is analyzing every team's 16-game slate.

2013 NFL Fantasy Football: Who's Number 2?

After Adrian Peterson, who should be the second player taken in your fantasy football draft?
<p> 2013 NFL Fantasy Football: Who's Number 2?</p>
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You have the first pick in your fantasy football draft. Who are you taking? Athlon Sports has Houston Texan running back Arian Foster No. 1 overall in its rankings and on its Big Board, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was an unanimous decision.

New York Giants 2013 Schedule Analysis

Athlon breaks down each and every team's schedule for the 2013 NFL season
<p> New York Giants 2013 Schedule Analysis</p>
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After 14 years in Philadelphia, Andy Reid takes over the reigns in Kansas City. Can he and new Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith turn around a team that went 2-14 last season? Here's our look at the Chiefs' 2013 NFL schedule.