NFL Lockout

NFL's Ten High-Priority Moves as Lockout Ends

With player transactions about to kick off, some teams have big moves to make
<p> With player transactions about to kick off, some teams have big moves to make.</p>

By Scott Henry (Twitter: @4QuartersRadio)

With free agency’s usual five-month time frame being condensed into five weeks, the phones of both team executives and the players they’re pursuing are about to be set ablaze with constant activity. Some teams would rather lay low, but the ten teams that follow have one available move that would fill a tremendous need, offer roster or cap flexibility, or simply get the fan base excited.

NFL, NFLPA Finally Agree on Rookie Salary System

Rookies will still get paid, just not on a Sam Bradford level
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The final hurdle to NFL labor piece may have been cleared Thursday night.

ESPN reported that the league's owners and the NFL Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new rookie wage system, which has been said to be the final stumbling block toward a new collective bargaining agreement.

Lockout: The NBA’s global reach may be the key to ending its labor dispute

The NBA lockout may have one advantage over the NFL lockout.
<p> The NBA lockout may have one advantage over the NFL lockout.</p>

The NBA has long served as second fiddle to the NFL, which for one is known as “America’s pastime.” The NFL has more fans, more TV viewers and brings in more money. But while the NFL lockout approaches its fourth month and the NBA’s is less than two weeks old, the NBA players seem to have one advantage over their football brethren, and it could very well be a key element in solving their own labor dispute with its league and ownership.

NFL, NFLPA Eyeing Date For Lockout's End

Football's labor negotiations are so close to finished, dates are ready for free agency
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According to a report on ESPN this morning, the NFL and NFL Players Association are close enough to an agreement that a deal could be ratified during the league meetings that begin July 21 in Atlanta and end the lockout.

John Mackey's Death Illustrates Real Point of NFL Lockout

NFL lockout negotiations continue, but as Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith keep hashing out details, John Mackey reminds everyone that retired players need more support, too.
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Twitter: @4QuartersRadio

Hall of Fame tight end John Mackey passed away Wednesday at the age of 69. His blend of size, speed, and strength made his position a weapon in the NFL’s increasingly sophisticated passing game, expanding the tight end’s role from that of a glorified sixth lineman.