A How-To Guide to Pond Fishing

Tips and tricks to getting the most our of your next fishing trip

It’s likely you could list a half-dozen ponds with an hour’s drive from home. They’re everywhere—scattered throughout suburban neighborhoods, golf courses, and farm country—and that puts fishing within reach of just about anyone. Pond fishing is accessible, requires relatively little gear, and you don’t have to have a boat to pull out the biggest fish around.


21 Fishing Tips from Pro Fishermen

What essentials should new anglers to take to the water?
<p> 21 Fishing Tips from Pro Fishermen</p>
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If you’re a weekend angler preparing for a day on the banks or on the water, you’ve probably got your hooks, lines, sinkers and an assortment of bait and favorite lures. But what other essentials are you carrying? We asked some of the world’s top fishermen to help fill your tackle box with their “must haves” to ensure that your next fishing experience is fun-filled, safe and rewarding.