Baseball's All-Time All-Steroid Team

Baseball's all-time starting (allegedly) performance-enhanced lineup.
<p> Major League Baseball's All-Steroid Team</p>

Steroids are as synonymous with baseball as hot dogs or cold beer. It's an unfortunate era of the game that fans of all ages must accept. Are the use of performance-enhancing drugs terrible for the body and a form of cheating? Yes, and this country should work diligently to combat their growth. But steroids are a part why the game survived during the '90s — aka the 1998 home run chase — and, unfortunately, don't seem to be going away any time soon.

15 Extremely Ridiculous BodyBuilding Photos

Some of these are fake, some are real, but all are ridiculous.
<p> Some of these are fake, some are real, but all are ridiculous.</p>
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There are hundreds of pictures of totally insane and gross bodybuilders around the Internet. Some of them are real, some of them are fake, and all of them are ridiculous. Here are our favorites.

1. I wonder if he shops at "Big and Tall...And Insane."

2. Is it a good sign when your giant bicep is bleeding? (Short answer: No.)

50 Funny College Basketball-March Madness Bracket Names

Need help choosing a name for your office bracket picks? Here you go.
<p> Need help choosing a name for your bracket picks? Here you go.</p>
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With the 2013 NCAA Tournament kicking off next week, it's time for college basketball fans to start filling out their March Madness brackets. For those playing online, it also means coming up with a humorous or ridiculously over-the-top name to go along with their ill-fated picks.

Greatest Husband-Wife Pairings in Sports

Tennis legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf top our list of sports’ power couples
<p> Greatest Husband-Wife Pairings in Sports</p>
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Although neither Danica Patrick nor Ricky Stenhouse Jr. won Sunday's Daytona 500 (they did finish a respectable 8th and 12th), both made plenty of headlines leading up to the race. Besides Patrick making history as the first woman ever to win the Daytona 500 pole, she and Stenhouse Jr. publicly acknowledged that they are dating.

Chunky Linemen Run 40 at Combine with "Chariots of Fire" Music

If this doesn't inspire you (to smile), nothing will
<p> Chunky Linemen Run 40 at Combine with "Chariots of Fire" Music</p>
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The NFL Scouting Combine is underway in Indianapolis, where athletes of all shapes and sizes come to impress. Some are more impressive than others, but one thing that always holds true: we love watching the pudgy linemen run the 40. And what could possibly make it better? Apparently adding the theme music from "Chariots of Fire". 


25 Funny Fantasy NASCAR Team Names

Fantasy NASCAR is here, and this list will spice up your league
<p> Twenty-five of the funniest Fantasy NASCAR team names you're likely to find.</p>

The NASCAR Sprint Cup season is getting closer by the day, which means it’s time to plan your spring and summer road trips and to name your 2014 Fantasy NASCAR team. While it may be tough to win your league each season, it’s not as difficult to have the best team name.

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel Creates Ridiculous Trick Shot Video

Johnny Manziel showcases his skills in trick Dude Perfect shot video.
<p> Texas A&amp;M's Johnny Manziel Makes Ridiculous Trick Shot Video</p>

Trick shot videos have been a popular offseason craze in college football over the last few years. Connecticut’s Johnny McEntee seems to have started this recent trend, but several other players have attempted to create their own viral videos, including Pittsburgh kicker Kevin Harper.