14-Year-Old Football Player Takes Down Shoplifter With a Perfect Tackle

A football background could come in handy even off the field.


Kevin Merz, a 14-year-old football player from Seattle Prep, put those skills to good use during a shopping trip at The Gap inside Factoria Mall. While in the store, a man came in with about $800 worth of stolen goods from Target and desperately trying to dodge police. Merz decided to go full-on J.J. Watt and took him down with a perfect tackle to get the man to the ground.

Jimmy Fallon Gets Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson to Play "Egg Russian Roulette"

What's the point of knowing all these athletes if you can't put them through a little torture?


Jimmy Fallon enlisted the help of Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning and NBA legend Magic Johnson to play a little game of "Egg Russian Roulette". Oh yes, it is a thing. Who would've thought that stars hitting eggs over their heads could be so funny?



Key & Peele's Excessive Celebrations Are Hilarious

Thanks to the NFL cutting down on the fun part of getting a touchdown, fans are left with what could have been.


Thanks to Stephen Colbert, Key & Peele are able to show the world exactly what they have been missing. This excessive celebration sketch is everything.


Conan Plays "Doom" With Josh Norman and Von Miller

This video will make you want to play video games with NFL stars... if you didn't want to already.


Conan decided he needed buddies to play "Doom" with and he called up the Panthers and Broncos and they sent Josh Norman and Von Miller respectively. 


What's a video game party without Marshawn Lynch?? The Seahawks running back makes a surprise appearance because he can't pass up a good video game party.


Willem Dafoe Plays Marilyn Monroe in Snickers' Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Marilyn Monroe has passed away, but evidently she's still available for Super Bowl commercials.


Willem Dafoe plays the fallen starlet in a new Snickers commercial for the big game. Eugene Levy even makes a random cameo toward the end, but the whole thing is pretty odd. It's a little creepy but you get the point that people really act different when they're hungry, and Snickers is the only thing that will bring them back to normal.


Carolina Fans Make Pretty Bad "Panther Nation" Video

It's always a good idea to support your team, especially if they're heading to the Super Bowl.


This video proves that support comes in different ways. A few Panthers fans decided that cheering wasn't enough, so they made what can only be called one of the worst fan videos ever made. Give them props for the effort and some dance attempts, but the rhymes and dabbing among many other things are just bad. As with anything, fans of the team may be ones to play out just to support Cam Newton & Co. 


Bret Bielema Throws Shade, Calls Florida the "New Ole Miss"

Bret Bielema is always going to speak his mind.


The Arkansas head coach just took a jab at a couple programs during National Signing Day by saying Florida is like the "new Ole Miss". The way the teams are recruiting is just a shock to Bielema and he has no problem expressing it.


Mike Francesa Completely Destroys Odell Beckham Jr.

People were on Odell Beckham Jr.'s side during his rookie season, but the tide seems to have turned.


It could be a combination of overexposure, underperformance, and the feeling that Beckham hasn't earned any of the praise he's received, but some people have had enough. Radio host Mike Francesa is definitely one of those people. 


Kirk Herbstreit Gets Revenge on Chris Fowler on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Earlier in the college football season, Chris Fowler played a little prank on his co-host Kirk Herbstreit.


What goes around, definitely comes around and Herbstreit finally got his revenge with the help of "Jimmy Kimmel Live". Fowler claims it takes a lot to scare him, but judging by the video he may have oversold it just a tad.