Steelers OL Responds to Pacman Jones' NSFW Comments

The Steelers and the Bengals don't like each other, and that's putting it lightly.


Before Sunday's game between the teams, Pacman Jones issued his thoughts on the Steelers via Instagram.


Warning: The video contains explicit language NSFW.


Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Has an Amazing Voice

Kickers are people too.


Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is probably one of the NFL's favorites. If he wasn't, this performance certainly puts him in the running. Tucker sang his little heart out with the Concert Artists of Baltimore and it was better than anyone could've imagined. 


If that whole football thing doesn't work out, this would be a great alternative for him.


Stephen A. Smith Blasts ESPN's Ranking of Kobe Bryant

Stephen A. Smith is used to rambling on ESPN's "First Take," and usually people aren't fond of him.


This time, however, the public may be somewhat on Smith's side when it comes to the ranking of Kobe Bryant as the 93rd player in the NBA. Yes Bryant is not what he used to be, but are there really 92 players in the NBA right now who are better than him? That's behind Marcus Smart, Brandon Knight (perhaps most famous for being dunked on by DeAndre Jordan), and Jahlil Okafor (who hasn't even played a regular season NBA game). 

ABC Cuts Dabo Swinney's Speech To Unaware ESPN Anchors


Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers upset Notre Dame 24-22 Saturday night, so he was understandably fired up.


The colorful coach was right in the middle of giving a little post game speech when someone over at ABC flipped the switch a little to early and sent everyone's over to a live shot of ESPN's Sportscenter. The anchors were doing what they do during their downtime, check their devices. 

Jets WR Brandon Marshall Tries to Lateral For Some Reason, Turns Ball Over

Is this worse than the butt-fumble?

Sometimes you watch the Jets, and there are literally no words. 


During the game against the Eagles, Brandon Marshall tried to lateral on a first down for some odd reason and of course turned the ball over. Marshall picked up 15 yards, but oh that wasn't enough.


In Jets history, is this worse than the infamous butt-fumble?


Kicker Nails Referee With Ball, Still Makes Extra Point

Sometimes as football players you have to use the elements around you, and referees are a part of the field.


Usually the officials get in the way of players trying to run or make a tackle, but this time it worked out well. Except for the referee. He gets nailed in the head by a football, but it still went through the uprights. They should give the kid two extra points for this one.

Parachute Jumper at Vikings Game Nearly Takes Out Lions

At a team's home opener, you never know what you're going to find. 


During the Vikings' game against the Lions, a parachute jumper almost delayed the game with his antics trying to entertain the crowd. A little too much wind probably got in the way as the parachuter landed directly onto the Lions sideline. Luckily no one was hurt.


Marshawn Lynch Does a Pepsi Commercial Without Saying a Word

Never change, Marshawn Lynch.


Only the Seahawks running back could be in a commercial and not say a word. Pepsi tapped Lynch for their newest commercial and the does it in the best fashion.

Speech mode.

South Park Clowns Tom Brady and Deflategate

Deflategate is played out. This is the end.


South Park had a part dedicated to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Roger Goodell, and the whole Deflategate gang. This is how you know your moment is over.


(Warning: Video contains NSFW language.)

Once South Park does a segment about something, the issue and jokes should be officially dead.