5 Best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Videos for 2017

Laquon Treadwell Gets Pranked During Mini-Camp

There is no shortage of fruit snacks at the Treadwell house

Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver has now experienced rookie "hazing" at mini-camp. 


On his 21st birthday, Vikings veterans surprised the Laquon Treadwell with 60,000 bags of fruit snacks. Kyle Rudolph and Teddy Bridgewater stuffed the rookie's car full of them through the sun roof. Similar to more common pranks such as stuffing popcorn (which is just terrible) or balloons in people's cars.


Colts Create Their Own Version of 'Mean Tweets' and it's Hilarious

Reading mean tweets about yourself can be difficult, but funny.


The Indianapolis Colts took it upon themselves to take a gander at the things being said about them on social media, and it does not disappoint. Players learn that twitter users think they're old, ugly, and can't play defense. Ouch.


Jimmy Fallon Creates Super Bowl Version of "NFL Superlatives"

The last game of the NFL season is upon us and we all know what that means.


Jimmy Fallon goes in on the Broncos and Panthers ahead of Super Bowl 50, and the results are hilarious. Peyton Manning gets two well-deserved awards.

You can never look at James Ferentz the same again.

Celtics Commentator Goes in on LeBron James, Calls Him 'Crybaby'

There are people who hate LeBron James. When you're great at what you do, some hate comes with the territory. 


The Cavaliers star is not a fan favorite for some, and one of those people has to include the Boston Celtics commentator Tom Heinsohn. This guy goes in on how James started "crying" after a foul that wasn't called, and it took a while for him to let up. 


Find Out What a Tony Romo Slumber Party is Like

Ever wonder what spending a night at Tony Romo's house is like? Me neither, but now we have proof.


The Cowboys quarterback and "Late Late Show" host James Corden had a good old-fashion sleepover and the results were hilarious. The two enjoyed marsh mellows, patty-cake, and it was literally fun for all ages.


Justin Forsett Suffers Gruesome Arm Injury

Proceed with caution.

Justin Forsett's season is done.


The Ravens running back suffered a gruesome injury during a game against the Rams in which someone missed a block and allowed him to get thrown to the ground. The result is a fracture to the forearm that would lead one to assume he'll be effectively finished for the season.


CAUTION: The video may be difficult to watch.


Rob Ryan Makes an Awkward Hurricane Katrina Joke

Rob Ryan won't be missed in New Orleans, even less after this.


The former defensive coordinator for the Saints was let go recently and while talking about his former team, he made a joke about Hurricane Katrina that perhaps wasn't in the best taste.


"Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including Katrina," Ryan said. It was visibly awkward for everyone on set.


Antonio Brown Nails Amazing Front Flip into the End Zone

Antonio Brown is flashy in so many ways. 


The important thing to remember about the Steelers wide receiver is that he also gets the job done. Brown catches a pass against the Browns and takes it to the house, but not without a little cherry on top for the fans. 

Now that's impressive. 

Seahawks Give Jimmy Fallon a Taste of His Own Medicine With 'Superlatives'

A few guys in Seattle are tired of Jimmy Fallon's "NFL Superlatives."


The Seahawks decided to give Fallon a taste of his own medicine by putting him on full display for their own set of superlatives. Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett, and more lay in on the late night host.