NL Central

NL Central Predictions

Sans Pujols and Fielder, NL Central suddenly easier to win
<p> With Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder no longer in this division, it's there for the taking.</p>

NL Central
1. St. Louis
2. Milwaukee
3. Cincinnati
4. Pittsburgh
5. Chicago
6. Houston

St. Louis Cardinals 2012 Preview

Cans Redbirds repeat without you know who?
<p> With the Cardinals wallowing 10.5 games back in the wild card race, several veterans convened a team meeting in late August to stress making the most of a misspent season. Two months later they did more than that. They made history. Despite the loss of two icons, the Cardinals enter 2012 with a team that they believe can win again.</p>

St. Louis Cardinals

Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Preview

After a tease with success last year, Pirates believe they can compete
<p> The Pittsburgh Pirates want to stretch four months of feel-good baseball into six months this season. And they believe they can go the distance this season.</p>

Pittsburgh Pirates

Milwaukee Brewers 2012 Preview

Brewers still have the talent to contend
<p> This team likely won't win as many games as last year's, but the Brewers don't have to look very far to see that that might not matter. Just as the Cardinals rode into to the postseason as a red-hot Wild Card last season, this Brewer team has the talent to stay in the hunt.</p>

Milwaukee Brewers

Houston Astros 2012 Preview

Astros still digging out of huge hole
<p> The Astros are digging themselves out of a huge hole, but they appear to be on the right track and hope to continue to lay the foundation toward competing in the AL within the next three or four years. There's nowhere to go but up.</p>

Houston Astros

Chicago Cubs 2012 Preview

Cubs begin new era, but contending will have to wait
<p> With so many new executives in place, along with manager Dale Sveum and a host of new coaches, this is clearly a transition year, and it would be a surprise if the newcomers could turn this team from a 71-game winner to a contender in one season.</p>

Chicago Cubs