Clayton Kershaw

2013 MLB Pennant Races: A to Z

An alphabetical look at the keys to the 2013 MLB pennant races.
From A to Z, here are the keys to the 2013 MLB pennant races.

Pedro Alvarez

Maybe the third baseman was rushed through the Pirates’ system, or maybe he’s been a little slow to develop, but the Pirates have been rewarded for their patience with the young slugger. The second overall pick in 2008 is tied for the NL lead in homers and is fourth in RBIs. If the Bucs can hang on and win the NL Central, Alvarez will be a key component.

Making Baseball Fun: Spicing Up the All-Star Game

The Mid-Summer Classic is in need of a facelift — even if it's just for fun
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Making Baseball Fun: Spicing Up the All-Star Game

This past spring training, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper unabashedly donned his “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat in an effort to shed light on baseball’s lack of individuality.


5 Things to Watch During MLB Winter Meetings

Expect plenty of activity and a few surprises as the baseball world converges on Music City for annual Winter Meetings
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5 Things to Watch During MLB Winter Meetings

The pitching market has been on the front burner so far during the MLB Hot Stove season. David Price signed a seven-year, $217 million ($31 million AAV) deal to be the ace of the last-place Boston Red Sox, only to see his deal be one-upped by Zack Greinke’s six-year, $206 million ($34 million AAV) contract with the — surprise!

Clayton Kershaw Continues Dominant Streak Along With Zack Greinke

Clayton Kershaw continues to pitch at historic levels, as does Zack Greinke.

Clayton Kershaw just pitched his third straight game with 10+ strikeouts, no walks, and no runs allowed. That’s never been accomplished before. He’s pitched 29 straight scoreless innings. It shouldn’t be that surprising that Kershaw is this good, but he’s performing at historic levels. And this year, he’s not even the clear-cut best pitcher on his own team.


Who Should Win the 2015 MLB All-Star Game "Final Vote"?

Reigning NL MVP, Cy Young Clayton Kershaw is among those on the ballot for the final roster spot on this year's All-Star teams
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Who Should Win the 2015 MLB All-Star Game "Final Vote"?

On Monday, MLB announced its rosters for the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati on July 14. Much has been made in recent weeks about the voting process in which players are chosen. The starters for both the American and National League are voted upon by the fans — which makes the prize for the All-Star game winner (home-field advantage in the World Series for the winning league) completely fraudulent.


Kris Bryant and Matt Szczur latest rookies to homer off Clayton Kershaw

The two Cubs' players join a growing list of young players to homer off of Kershaw this year.

Clayton Kershaw is having an off year. Well, an off year for a player who has won three of the past four Cy Young awards, in addition to the MVP last year. His ERA and WHIP are up from the past few seasons at 3.33 and 1.04, respectively. He’s still a very above average player with these stats and has some of the nastiest pitches in the league. Where he’s really getting blasted is in home runs, where he has already let up 11, two more than he let up all of last year. He’s on track to allow a career high, and that total has been in large part due to rookie players.

Best Picks from 50 Years of the MLB Draft

Who are the best draft selections at each spot?
Who is the best player drafted No. 1 overall? Griffey? A-Rod? Chipper? What about the best player selected No. 10 overall? The best at each spot are all here from No. 1 through 40.

With the MLB Draft this week, it’s fun to look back at the some of the best picks over the past 50 years of the draft. Here’s the best selection at each of the first 40 positions in the draft.


1 Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle, 1987

Certainly there are numerous No. 1 overall selections worthy of being named the best. But I’ll take Griffey over Chipper Jones, Alex Rodriguez and David Price.

Best of the 2000s: David Price, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 2007


The Top 10 MLB First-Round Draft Picks Since 2000

With the MLB Draft starting tonight, Athlon takes a look at the best players taken in the first round since 2000.
The Top 10 MLB First-Round Draft Picks Since 2000

Though the MLB Draft is hardly talked about, it provides a strong glimpse into the future. With the first round of the MLB Draft coming up tonight, here is a look at 10 of the best players drafted in the first round since 2000 (listed in chronological order of year they were drafted):