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World Series Preview and Prediction: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox

Tradition-laden teams do battle in classic matchup
The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox, owners of the two best records in baseball, prepare to stage a classic showdown in the World Series.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox
This is the first time the two teams with their league’s best records have met in the Fall Classic since the Yankees defeated the Braves in 1999. Both the Red Sox and Cardinals won 97 games. These two teams have proven to be among the best in baseball all season, and this series has all the signs of a long, competitive, down-to-the-wire World Series.

Boston Red Sox 2014 Preview

Sox take step back in 2014, but future is bright
The Red Sox are beginning the process of getting younger with Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley, but entrusting two vital defensive positions to rookies generally isn’t a World Series-winning strategy, at least in Year 1. It’s Years 2 and beyond that have the Red Sox so excited.

The Red Sox were in the process of building a bridge when they decided to make it a launch pad. The shocking World Series title that followed brought the joy back to Boston baseball after two years of relentless negativity.

Ranking the Boston Red Sox 40-Man Roster

Evaluating the best (and worst) players on the team
Replacing David Ortiz’s presence in the heart of the lineup and clubhouse will be a major task over the next year or so. Also, keeping starting pitcher Jon Lester in the fold will prevent the rotation from taking any steps backward.

Between the end of the World Series and Opening Day every winter, fans are inundated with lists. Rankings of the best shortstop, the best left-handed relievers, the best leadoff men in getting on base, the best second basemen in runs saved, the best right-handed pinch-hitter in road games in July and more. So, while life can be rather boring without 15 baseball games every night, over the next few weeks I’ll rank players on every 40-man roster.

World Series Game 6 Preview: Cardinals, Sox Head Back to Boston

Redbirds face elimination against Red Sox
The only thing bigger and better than Game 6 would be a Game 7 tomorrow.

World Series – Game 6
St. Louis at Boston
8:07 ET Fox
Michael Wacha (4-1, 2.78) vs. John Lackey (10-13, 3.52)

World Series Game 5 Preview: Pivotal Finale in St. Louis

Can this Red Sox-Cardinals series get any stranger?
This World Series between Boston and St. Louis has been one strange ending after another.

World Series – Game 5
Boston at St. Louis
8:07 ET Fox
Jon Lester (15-8, 3.75) vs. Adam Wainwright (19-9, 2.94)

World Series Game 4 Preview: Cardinals, Red Sox Regroup After Controversial Ending

St. Louis look to build on lead in Game 4
After some controversy at the end of Game 3, both the Red Sox and Cardinals carry tired bullpens into Game 4.

World Series – Game 4
Boston at St. Louis
8:15 ET Fox
Clay Buchholz (12-1, 1.74) vs. Lance Lynn (15-10, 3.97)

World Series Game 3 Preview: Red Sox, Cardinals Move to St. Louis

With Series tied at 1-1, National League rules apply in St. Louis
With the World Series moving to St. Louis, expect the Red Sox to turn up the heat on the bases.

World Series – Game 3
Boston at St. Louis
8:07 ET Fox
Jake Peavy (12-5, 4.17) vs. Joe Kelly (10-5, 2.69)

World Series Game 2 Preview: Cardinals at Red Sox

St. Louis looks to even series behind rookie Michael Wacha
After a miserable performance on Wednesday night, the Cardinals try to even the series before heading back to St. Louis.

World Series – Game 2
St. Louis at Boston
8:07 ET Fox
Michael Wacha (4-1, 2.78) vs. John Lackey (10-13, 3.52)

World Series Game 1 Preview: St. Louis at Boston

Two classy teams in classic matchup
The Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals begin a classic showdown in the World Series tonight in Boston.

World Series – Game 1
St. Louis at Boston
8:07 ET on Fox
Adam Wainwright (19-9, 2.94) vs. Jon Lester (15-8, 3.75)

ALCS Game 5 Preview: Red Sox at Tigers

The Tigers need to win last game in Detroit before series moves back to Boston.
In pivotal Game 5 of the ALCS, the Tigers can't afford to go back to Boston down a game.

American League Championship Series – Game 5
Boston at Detroit
8:07 ET Fox
Jon Lester (15-8, 3.75) vs. Anibal Sanchez (14-8, 2.57)