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Boston Red Sox 2012 Preview

Can Boston return to the playoffs?
<p> When September began, they led the AL East and owned the best record in baseball. When it ended, they owned the greatest collapse in baseball history, and the fallout swiftly claimed their manager, GM and training staff — not to mention their good standing with Boston sports fans. If the leaders in that clubhouse have any pride whatsoever, the Red Sox will bounce back in a big way.</p>

Boston Red Sox

Where do the Boston Red Sox go from here?

$126 Million in committed salary, but no leadership
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by Charlie Miller

The Boston Red Sox have no general manager, no manager and $126 million committed in players’ salaries for 2012. Maybe the 126 number would frighten most GMs, but Boston has grown accustomed to payrolls north of $160 million, so it’s not that far out of line. And with ticket sales continuing at a record pace and revenues from NESN soaring, the team isn’t close to financial trouble.