Ozzie Guillen

An Exclusive Q&A with Ozzie Guillen

The controversial Marlins manager speaks on a variety of topics.
<p> Ozzie Guillen of the Miami Marlins speaks on a variety of topics.</p>
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With a few poorly chosen words, Ozzie Guillen nearly lost his dream job.

Quoted in Time Magazine saying he “loved” Fidel Castro, Guillen set off a firestorm in Miami’s Cuban-American community. Angry protestors and grandstanding local politicians alike called for the Miami Marlins to fire Guillen just a few games into his tenure.

His heartfelt apology broke new ground in a speak-first, think-later career. The resulting five-game team suspension also left him chastened, but not fundamentally changed, bloodied but not defeated.

Miami Marlins 2012 Preview

New-look Marlins expect to contend
<p> It was the spending spree heard ’round the baseball world. In the span of a few dizzying December days, the newly recast Miami Marlins shelled out $191 million to sign three prominent free agents. After acting like a small-market franchise for virtually all of their two-decade existence, it’s a refreshing change to see the Marlins fall in line with such big-spending Miami brethren as the Heat and the Dolphins.</p>

Miami Marlins

Hanley Ramirez will bounce back in 2012

Expect the Miami Marlins' Hanley Ramirez to return to fantasy superstar, MVP candidate status.
<p> Ozzie Guillen and Powerade expect Miami Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez to return to fantasy baseball superstar, National League MVP candidate status. So should baseball fans.</p>

The Marlins appear to be starting from scratch in 2012. But the reality is that the 15-year-old team with two World Series titles has a flashy new, eye-catching paintjob but will be powered by the same engine once again this year.

Adam Dunn And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season

Adam Dunn has had an epically bad season for the Chicago White Sox
<p> Adam Dunn has had an epically bad season for the Chicago White Sox</p>

Adam Dunn used to be a good baseball player. He was one of those guys that you penciled in for 35-40 homers every year. Sure, eh struck out a few times, and sure, you'd never mistake his batting average for Ichiro's, but he was a guy who did one thing (hit homers) and he did it well.

Ozzie Guillen Walks Away From White Sox; A Look Back At Some of His Best Tweets

Our favorite MLB manager is moving on. So let's take a look back.
<p> Our favorite MLB manager is moving on. So let's take a look back.</p>

It is a sad day for White Sox fans. Their controversial, but always entertaining manager, Ozzie Guillen, and the Sox have ended their relationship.

Ozzie was looking for a contract extension, but Jerry Reinsdorf wasn't willing to give him one, so Ozzie asked to be released from his current contract and Reinsdorf honored his request.

Ozzie Guillen's 16 Awesomest Tweets