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Remembering Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter

The Kid made baseball fun
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<p> Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter died Thursday at age 57. He was catching for the Memphis Blues at my first minor league game.</p>
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by Charlie Miller

In the summer of 1974, I attended my first minor league baseball game. Although I had been to a handful of major league games with larger crowds and familiar players, this was my first experience seeing players in a more intimate setting — and watching players I had never heard about.

Worst Sports Owners Tournament: Baseball/Hockey/Soccer Round 2

Down to the sick 16 in Athlon's battle of the bad bosses
<p> Down to the sick 16 in Athlon's battle of the bad bosses</p>

By Scott Henry (@4QuartersRadio)

Welcome to the second round of the Worst Sports Owners Tournament. We're down to 16 of the craziest owners ever. Some won, but spent other people's money like drunken sailors to do it. Some lost, and made themselves look like spoiled children in doing so. Your mission, should you be brave and intelligent enough to accept it, is to decide which is a more grievous offense.