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Mark Cuban Says Twitter Could Have Been Key to Signing DeAndre Jordan

By utilizing Twitter, the deal might have been able to be finalized.

Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban still hasn’t gotten completely over losing DeAndre Jordan to the Clippers, and now he has an interesting technique in retrospect. After agreeing to the initial deal, Cuban said he should have made Jordan change his Twitter profile picture. By doing that, it would have made the deal seemingly more done.


Ty Lawson Arrested for Suspicion of Another DUI

The arrest makes it his third alleged DUI, including second this year.

Perhaps Lawless might be a better name. As Denver Nuggets’ point guard Ty Lawson seemed to be destined for a trade during the offseason, he was just arrested last night for allegedly driving under the influence. Off-the-court issues are nothing new to Lawson, who was arrested in January for an alleged DUI. In addition, he had a prior DUI, an alleged case of domestic violence, and another vehicle charge.


Chandler Parsons Has Harsh Words for DeAndre Jordan

Afte resigning with the Clippers, DeAndre Jordan has created some enemies in Dallas.

After Mark Cuban explained his frustration in DeAndre Jordan flopping on his contract, Mavericks star Chandler Parsons lashed out at the Clippers’ center. Parsons had been celebrating the new signing, until he found out that he flipped on his decision. On Jordan, he believes that “he wasn’t ready to be a franchise player. He was scared.”