Deron Williams

Kings and Nets Talk About a Deron Williams Trade

The Sacramento Kings are a spectacle of franchise upheaval right now. And after eager second-year owner Vivek Ranadive had coach Mike Malone fired last week — despite undeniable improvement from last season, and an extended absence from their best player DeMarcus Cousins — the team looks like it’s not quite done making major moves.


Lockout: The NBA’s global reach may be the key to ending its labor dispute

The NBA lockout may have one advantage over the NFL lockout.
<p> The NBA lockout may have one advantage over the NFL lockout.</p>

The NBA has long served as second fiddle to the NFL, which for one is known as “America’s pastime.” The NFL has more fans, more TV viewers and brings in more money. But while the NFL lockout approaches its fourth month and the NBA’s is less than two weeks old, the NBA players seem to have one advantage over their football brethren, and it could very well be a key element in solving their own labor dispute with its league and ownership.