John Mackey

25 Greatest Tight Ends in NFL History

The constant evolution of the game is changing the way we look at those who play the tight end position.
25 Greatest Tight Ends in NFL History

There was a time when the tight end position in the NFL served as a sixth lineman who could also run a route to catch the occasional pass. My how the times have changed.


John Mackey's Death Illustrates Real Point of NFL Lockout

NFL lockout negotiations continue, but as Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith keep hashing out details, John Mackey reminds everyone that retired players need more support, too.
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Hall of Fame tight end John Mackey passed away Wednesday at the age of 69. His blend of size, speed, and strength made his position a weapon in the NFL’s increasingly sophisticated passing game, expanding the tight end’s role from that of a glorified sixth lineman.