Todd Marinovich

This Day in Sports History: June 23

Recapping events that took place in the sports world on this day
This Day in Sports History: June 23

The history of sports is both vast and rich, thanks to the existence of so many different ones and the longevity associated with them. With so much history to cull through, Athlon Sports wanted to offer the opportunity to look back and see what memorable things happened or milestones were reached on a specific date.


With that in mind, June 23 is the day in which a federal law changed women's sports forever and Babe Ruth got ejected and awarded part of a no-hitter.


10 Craziest Parents in Sports

These moms and dads crossed the line at some point during their kid’s sports career.
<p> The craziest parents in sports, including Marv Marinovich, Richard Williams, Earl Woods, William Sanders, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., Lynn and Rick Raisman, Cecil Fielder, Minna Wilson, Andrea McDonald and A.P. Indy.</p>

The craziest parents in sports have all had strange twists and turns along the way to fame or infamy. Many plotted every step of their child’s life. Others got in the way. Some were successful. Some failed. Every one of them made their kid’s journey a wild ride — for better or worse.

1. Marv Marinovich, father of Todd Marinovich