Trent Williams

Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Players in 2012

Rams QB Sam Bradford was the last No. 1 overall pick to cash in before the new CBA.
<p> The top 10 highest paid players in the NFL in 2012, including Dwight Freeney, Elvis Dumervil, Peyton Manning, Sam Bradford, Philip Rivers, Jared Allen, Tamba Hali, Michael Vick, Trent Williams and Larry Fitzgerald.</p>

The top 10 highest paid NFL players in 2012 prove just how valuable the quarterback position is in today’s pass-happy league. The entire top 10 has some direct contection to the quarterback position. Four actually take snaps at quarterback, four are paid to apply pass rush on the quarterback, one protects his quarterback’s blindside and one catches passes from whoever happens to be playing quarterback that day.