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High School Lacrosse Players Under Investigation For Killing Guinea Pig in "Team Bonding" Ritual

The team is under investigation.

The Grosse Ile High School lacrosse team is making news for an incident that took place before a game.


A group of players killed a guinea pig in a "team bonding" pre-game ritual, and then proceeded to smear its blood on their bodies. All future games for the team have been suspended and at least 10 of the 18 members of the team are being questioned.


High School Football Player Charged With 69 Counts of Indecent Exposure After Team Photo

Sometimes a prank is more than a prank.


Hunter Osborn exposed himself on a dare from a teammate and it has landed the 19-year-old in hot water. The Red Mountain High School football team's photo features the player showing his penis, and has since been distributed in the school yearbook and football programs. 


29-Year-Old Man Posing as High School Basketball Player Arrested

People lie about their age from time to time, but this one takes the cake.

People lie about their age from time to time, but this one takes the cake.


According to The Windsor Star, a 29-year-old man who had been masquerading as a 17-year-old high school student has been arrested. Jonathan Nicola, who is 6'9 and 202lbs, is facing allegations on the validity of his age. He has been posing as an junior at Catholic Central High School in Canada for the past six months. 


HS Basketball Team Celebrates State Title Seconds Too Early

Let this be a lesson to never celebrate too early. 


Burrillville High School basketball team in Rhode Island lost the state title in the most gut-wrenching way possible. They had a one-point lead over Chariho when one of their players stole the ball and threw it up in the air thinking that was the end. Think again. The other team had one timeout left so when the ball came back down, they used it while the other team was celebrating and went on to win the game on a last-second inbound play. That's got to hurt.


HS Basketball Coach Head-Butts Referee to the Ground

Video has emerged of a high school varsity basketball coach head-butting a referee during the last 30 seconds of a game Tuesday evening.


Jerry Devine, in his 10 season as a Pennsylvania varsity head coach, evidently wasn't pleased with the call and took matters into his own hands, or head. He head-butted the referee and was hit with his second technical of the game which garners an ejection. 


It's unclear if there will be charges filed but a WBCB broadcaster gave his account of the situation.