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HS Basketball Coach Head-Butts Referee to the Ground

Video has emerged of a high school varsity basketball coach head-butting a referee during the last 30 seconds of a game Tuesday evening.


Jerry Devine, in his 10 season as a Pennsylvania varsity head coach, evidently wasn't pleased with the call and took matters into his own hands, or head. He head-butted the referee and was hit with his second technical of the game which garners an ejection. 


It's unclear if there will be charges filed but a WBCB broadcaster gave his account of the situation.


Fantasy Football 2015 Flex Rankings: Week 6

Devonta Freeman holds off Le'Veon Bell and DeAndre Hopkins for the top spot in the Week 6 Flex Rankings
Fantasy Football 2015 Flex Rankings: Week 6

Week 6 is here already and this week Devonta Freeman looks to maintain his fantasy dominance at the running back position. DeAndre Hopkins and Le'Veon Bell follow closely behind in this week's Flex rankings due to volume of touches and stable production throughout the season so far.


High School Lineman is a 7-foot, 440-pound Force

This isn't fair.

If you're about to line up against John Krahn, stop it. Quit football. Move to another state.


This lineman hailing from Southern California is a senior and literally tosses opposing players like a ragdoll. Krahn is working on trying to shed some pounds to increase his agility and mobility. When that happens, watch out. Adding speed to an already dominant player is only going to make things worse for opponents.


Kicker Nails Referee With Ball, Still Makes Extra Point

Sometimes as football players you have to use the elements around you, and referees are a part of the field.


Usually the officials get in the way of players trying to run or make a tackle, but this time it worked out well. Except for the referee. He gets nailed in the head by a football, but it still went through the uprights. They should give the kid two extra points for this one.

Lumberton High School Cheerleaders Defend 9/11 Tribute

Every year on September 11, the cheerleaders of Lumberton High School in Texas do a tribute cheer to those who lost their lives.


This year a video of said tribute surfaced, and some people aren't happy about it. The controversy started because the team used actual phone calls and broadcasts during the cheer.



St. Anthony's High School Player Hits Referee on Video

Another video of a football player getting out of hand with a referee has surfaced.


St. Anthony's High School player, Zeke Cardenas, is seen shoving a referee after a fight was broken up between the two teams. The player gets caught in the moment, but it's a mistake that could cost him in the long run.

A suspension is likely coming for the Cardenas.