8 Most Expensive Summer Olympic Stadiums

A look at the most expensive Summer Olympic venues in recent memory.

It’s no secret that the Olympic Games cost a lot of money to produce. After all, it’s the largest international sports competition and it’s an event that attracts the attention of the world.


Random Guy Tries to Extinguish the Olympic Torch

Don't be this guy.

People do unexplainable things every day, but this one takes the cake in recent memory.


As the torch relay continues to make its way through Rio, someone decided they had enough of it. A man can be seen coming virtually out of nowhere to extinguish the torch as it makes its way down the street. Kudos to the torch bearer for continuing until they got to the next person.



Oscar Pistorius Walks Without Prosthetic Legs to Avoid Jail

Oscar Pistorius' defense team is doing all they can to avoid jail time. 


The 29-year-old Paralympian gold medalist is currently facing at least a 15-year jail term for the 2013 murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius claims he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder as he fired four shots, killing her. His defense team hopes that showing the athlete's vulnerability without his legs will lessen his term or even eliminate it completely.


Caitlyn Jenner to Pose Nude With Gold Medal For Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is continuing to break barriers and with the Olympics coming up, this seems like the perfect time to showcase Caitlyn Jenner and her medal from the 1976 Montreal Summer Games.


According to US Weekly, 66-year-old Jenner, Bruce at the time she won, will pose for the magazine wearing only the medal and the American flag. Jenner's rep told the Huffington Post there was "no comment on any future plans at this time."


Michael Phelps' New Under Armour Commercial Brings Him to Tears

Michael Phelps is preparing for a comeback and the world will soon take notice.


During a visit with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, Phelps was able to see his new commercial. It was a powerful ad to say the least. The fitness apparel company is becoming know for the winning athletes they sponsor as well as the passionate messages they spread.


Micronesia Outscored 114-0 in Three Soccer Games

The small island nation was more than dominated in an Olympic qualifying tournament.

For the small nation of Micronesia, the new experiences of their soccer team seems to be just a bit more important than the games they played. Over the past few days, they have played three soccer matches for Olympic qualifying against Tahiti, Fiji, and Vanuatu. However, in the three games they played, they were outscored 114-0. Yes, you read that right. And yes, they play the same type of soccer as everybody else. In today’s earlier game, they were destroyed 46-0 by Vanuatu, another island nation.


People Don't Want Caitlyn Jenner to Win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Lauren Hill is the name on everyone's minds when it comes to the award.

Caitlyn Jenner formally introduced herself, and it caused the internet to explode. The whole Twitter-verse was consumed with talking about the former Olympic-winner-turned-empowered-woman.


ESPN responded in their own way by announcing Jenner would be the recipient of the Arthur Ashe award for Courage. She will be joined by her family when she accepts it at the ESPYs. Jenner couldn't contain her excitement.


Former Olympian Bruce Jenner Introduces the World to 'Caitlyn'

Bruce is gone.

There is no more Bruce Jenner.


Caitlyn Jenner makes her debut. The former Olympian posed for Vanity Fair and caused quite the stir. After spending months somewhat secluded to make the transition, Jenner is comfortable to show the world what she's been up to. 


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