Shaq Joins Turner Sports: Call Him "The Big Analytical"

O'Neal stops dabbling in others' sports, and will now be paid to talk about his own
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Anyone who has been clamoring to hear Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal trade jabs and comments about the NBA will soon have their wildest dreams granted.

Fresh off a retirement that concluded an unquestioned Hall of Fame career, Shaq has signed an agreement to join the Turner Sports team, including the studio show Inside the NBA. Shaq will fill the fourth chair alongside Barkley, Kenny Smith, and host Ernie Johnson, as well as provide content for and occasionally show up on NBA TV.

Elin Nordegren is Over Tiger, Dating Billionaire

Tiger Woods' ex wife has landed on her feet, and into another pile of money.
<p> Tiger Woods' ex wife has landed on her feet, and into another pile of money.</p>
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Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex-wife has apparently gotten over her ordeal with her cheating husband. Well, at least she's dating again. And if poetic justice is worth anything, it looks like she's emerged from the scandal of his infidelities much better than Tiger has.

Dean Martin's Burger Recipe

Dino knew his way around the kitchen, thats for sure.
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Dean Martin's burger recipe is perfect for any sports fan. There's no need to fool with fancy macerations or sautees. Just cook some meat, pour some shots, turn on the TV and dinner is ready.

It's clear Dino knew his way around the kitchen. It's almost as if he's the male version of Julia Childs with this recipe for his "Martin Burgers".

Auburn Tigers Under Investigation by the NCAA

The NCAA has announced that it is still investigating the Auburn Tigers and Cam Newton.
<p> The NCAA has announced that it is still investigating the Auburn Tigers and Cam Newton.</p>
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-by Braden Gall (@AthlonBraden)

The NCAA has inadvertently announced that it is still very much investigating the Auburn Tigers concerning the Cam Newton pay-for-play saga.

In an AP story late Wednesday, it was reported that NCAA vice president for enforcement Julie Roe Lach was asked several questions by Auburn head coach Gene Chizik at the SEC meetings in Destin last month, one of which was why had the NCAA not announced that the Newton investigation was put to bed.

Georgia Tech Vacates 2009 ACC Title

The Yellow Jackets are on probation after not cooperating with a NCAA investigation.
<p> Georgia Tech has been forced to vacate its 2009 ACC title, as a result of NCAA penalties.&nbsp;</p>
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NCAA violations and investigations have been a hot topic in college football over the last year and Georgia Tech is the next team in the crosshairs. Georgia Tech announced today the NCAA has hit the school with four years of probation, a $100,000 fine and forced it to vacate the 2009 ACC title as a result of a failure to cooperate in regards to the investigation. Although allowing a player with questionable eligibility to continue to play is not a good idea for any school, the lack of cooperation on Georgia Tech's part was a main force behind the penalties. 

NBA Players Association Supports Taking Talents to Europe

Billy Hunter's letter to the players blesses their efforts to get paid, but is it mere posturing?
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According to the New York Times, NBA Players Association executive director Billy Hunter has sent a letter to 450 players, fully blessing any athlete who explores the option of playing abroad during the league's lockout.

Judge Declares Mistrial in Roger Clemens Perjury Case

The Rocket will get a new jury now that his case has been declared a mistrial.
<p> The Rocket will get a new jury now that his case has been declared a mistrial.</p>
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The federal judge presiding over the Roger Clemens perjury case has declared a mistrial. The trial, which has had problems from the beginning with the jury, will now get a new jury.

The defense objected to the prosecutions use of information that had been declared un-usable by the judge. The content in question was Clemens' testimony from February 8, 2008 where he made numerous mentions of conversations between Andy Pettitte and his wife about the use of PEDs, specifically HGH.

And it seems as though the judge agreed with their objection.

K-Rod Trade: Brewers' Ticket to Glory or Misery?

Milwaukee may have pulled the pin on a very expensive grenade
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In Major League Baseball's post-All-Star-break horse race toward the playoffs, the Milwaukee Brewers became the first to make a big move on the outside, acquiring veteran closer Francisco Rodriguez from the New York Mets for a pair of players to be named later.

James Harrison Destroys Roger Goodell; Calls Him A "Devil"

The Steelers linebacker calls out the commissioner, the Pats and Roethlisberger.

There's two things we know about the Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison. 1) He has never been afraid to speak his mind. And 2) he hates Roger Goodell. Both of those facts became apparent this week when an interview with Harrison appeared in Men's Journal quoting Harrison as calling Roger Goodell a "crook" and a "devil," and saying, "If that man (Roger Goodell) was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it."

Brewers Acquire K-Rod, Mets Give Up on 2011

The Brewers' trade for K-Rod makes them the favorite - and ends the Mets' seasons.
<p> The Brewers' trade for K-ROD makes them the favorite and ends the Mets' seasons.</p>

After Tuesday’s All-Star game, Milwaukee Brewers fans should be ecstatic with hometown hero Prince Fielder winning not only the MVP trophy but also home field advantage in the World Series for the National League.

Oh yeah, and the Brewers acquired the single-season saves record holder from the New York Mets in closer Francisco Rodriguez for essentially nothing (two players to be named later).