2015 NFL Player Rankings: Tight Ends

Following an injury-plagued 2013, Rob Gronkowski bounced back in a big way, putting together an All-Pro 2014 campaign
2015 NFL Player Rankings: Tight Ends

Just like last year, Athlon Sports' 2015 NFL Preview magazine includes NFL player rankings at every position.

AFC South Players That Will Need to Step Up in 2015

Here is a look at players on each AFC South team that need to have a bigger impact on the field this season.
AFC South Players That Will Need to Step Up in 2015

The AFC South was the weakest division in the AFC because of the horrendous seasons by the Jaguars and Titans, who both saw major setbacks last year. The Colts remained very consistent and dangerous, while the Texans moved from last place in 2013 to a very respectable 9-7 second-place finish.


Clemson’s Season Hinges on New Offensive Coordinator Duo

Dabo Swinney has been grooming Jeff Scott, Tony Elliott for this moment
Clemson’s Season Hinges on New Offensive Coordinator Duo

When the Clemson offensive coaches meet, Robbie Caldwell has to feel a little bit out of place, even if he has been coaching the Tiger offensive line for four seasons.


Suggested MLB All-Star Voting System Mimics Presidential Election

With much backlash over this year's MLB All-Star voting, one suggested reform is to make it more dramatic.

While many have become outraged by the recent trend in All-Star voting, including players, fans, and experts alike, MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger seems to have come up with the best way yet. The idea is not necessarily original, but he thinks that the MLB should take an approach similar to the Presidential election. By this method, voting is only open on one day, shortly before the All-Star Game. Votes could then be tracked in real time and viewed by fans to see who holds the lead.


Former Jets "Tripper" Allegedly Involved in Fight with P Diddy

While P Diddy may be the more high profile party involved, Sal Alosi certainly has a history of events.

While famous rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs has been involved in a fight at UCLA with a coach, the bigger sports story that seems to arise out of it comes from the coach involved, Sal Alosi. While most may not remember that name, he happens to be the same person involved in the Jets’ tripping incident back in 2010. He was suspended for the action and resigned soon after because of the backlash from the incident.


Jameis Winston Most Excited for Matchup Against JJ Watt

The rookie quarterback said he is most excited to face the Defensive Player of the Year this season.

Some people are crazy, but Jameis Winston seems to take it to a new level with his latest statement. During a rookie preview for the NFL, he exclaimed that he is most excited for his Week 3 matchup against JJ Watt and the Houston Texans. While most players will cower in fear at last year’s Defensive Player of the Year, Winston seems to be challenging him right out of the gates.


Rob Gronkowski Has Spent None of His Contract Money

Though he lives a very flashy, public life, Gronk stated that he has saved all of his money from his contracts.

Gronk loves the limelight, and he has never shied away from displaying how much fun he has. But he shockingly announced that he hasn’t spent any of the money he’s made on his NFL contract. Not even a single cent from it. Instead, he’s been able to support himself financially off of his endoresement deals, which is surely a sizeable amount.


Seattle Seahawks 2015 Team Preview and Prediction

Pete Carroll's Seahawks are determined to get back to the Super Bowl for a third straight season
Seattle Seahawks 2015 Team Preview and Prediction

The Seahawks were less than a yard from the end zone — a Marshawn Lynch plunge from sure victory, just 26 seconds from becoming an NFL dynasty — when they made what has been labeled the worst play call in Super Bowl history.