Athlon Looks Back at 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

5 Teams That Will Be Buyers at the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline

Take a look at which teams will be looking to add players before the deadline.

The MLB trade deadline is an important time for playoff contenders to add a key player(s) in order to bolster their team. Even just one move could be enough to make a team a serious World Series threat. Thus, take a look at some of the teams looking to make a move:

Peyton Manning Leading Cause to Raise Funds for Chattanooga Victims' Families

The quarterback has been very involved in this whole ordeal.

Throughout the years, Peyton Manning has not only been among the league’s best quarterbacks, but he has also been among the most charitable. After recently visiting military and police personnel in Chattanooga last week, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker specifically mentioned him during a speech in the Senate.


Pac-12 Football Breakout Players for 2015

Which players are in for a breakout year?
Pac-12 Football Breakout Players for 2015

Projecting college football’s breakout players for any given season is no easy assignment. After all, each person has a different take on what a “breakout player” is, and college football is always home to several new faces throughout the season.

6 Teams That Will Be Sellers at the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline

With the upcoming MLB deadline, here are some of the teams looking to trade away their players.

As the MLB trade deadline nears, several teams have key players that could make a great difference elsewhere. For the most part, they would be half-season rentals to be stronger playoff contenders. As part of these potential deals, these sellers will look to pick up top prospects for the near future. Take a look at some of the teams looking to trade away some of their players:

Mark Cuban Says Twitter Could Have Been Key to Signing DeAndre Jordan

By utilizing Twitter, the deal might have been able to be finalized.

Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban still hasn’t gotten completely over losing DeAndre Jordan to the Clippers, and now he has an interesting technique in retrospect. After agreeing to the initial deal, Cuban said he should have made Jordan change his Twitter profile picture. By doing that, it would have made the deal seemingly more done.


Titans and Marcus Mariota Finally Agree on Deal

Marcus Mariota will now have time to get prepared for the upcoming season.

After rumors spread over the Titans’ inability to sign Marcus Mariota, the two sides ultimately came to a resolution on a deal. The main issue at hand was having offset language, which would not require the Titans to continue paying him if he were to leave for another team. To come to terms on a contract, they met somewhere in the middle to finally get this deal done.


Burning Questions as the Cleveland Browns Enter Training Camp

With training camp getting started, here are some questions the Browns will need to answer.
Questions as the Cleveland Browns Enter Training Camp

The AFC North is arguably the NFL's most competitive division with three teams having made the playoffs last season.

Roger Goodell: You Hate Him, NFL Loves Him

The NFL loves Roger Goodell despite his many PR blunders.
Roger Goodell: You Hate Him, NFL Loves Him

You probably hate Roger Goodell.


He botched BountyGate. He bungled the Ray Rice scandal. His handling of Adrian Peterson was anything but perfect. Who knows what really happened in the Greg Hardy situation?


And it’s taking longer to sort out over-inflated footballs than it took to work out an Iranian nuclear deal.


But you know who loves the NFL’s commissioner?