Serena Williams Rolls Through Maria Sharapova Again

The number one tennis player in the world increases her head-to-head record to 18-2.

After defeating her sister just a few days ago, Serena Williams took to the court and dominated her “rival” Maria Sharapova. In the Wimbledon semifinals, Serena cruised to a 6-2, 6-4 victory with a chance for a sixth Wimbledon title. Williams, the No. 1 ranked tennis player, increased her record against No. 4 Sharapova to 18-2 all time.


Keith Olbermann Once Again Out at ESPN

ESPN decided not to renew his contract after a couple years back.

Keith Olbermann will be leaving ESPN once again, and it seems like this will be his last tenure there. The highly vocal and controversial figure had his own show on ESPN2 during his second stint with the network that began in 2013. ESPN decided not to renew his contract but still praised him for being "a tremendous talent".


ACC's Top Players Returning from Injury in 2015

Clemson needs a healthy Deshaun Watson.
ACC's Top Players Returning from Injury in 2015

Injuries are a big part of any college football season. Whether it’s a starting quarterback, a No. 2 receiver or a defensive lineman part of a deep rotation, injuries will always have an impact on a team.


To help preview the season, Athlon is taking a look at some of the injured players from 2014 and their return in 2015.


Mark Cuban Says DeAndre Jordan Never Responded Yesterday

After having a contract lined up, Jordan decided to return back to the Clippers.

Naturally, the biggest NBA free controversy came to Mark Cuban, or more correctly didn’t come to him. After DeAndre Jordan seemed to have a contract in place with the Dallas Mavericks, he flipped back to remaining on the Los Angeles Clippers. However, as he made the decision, Mark Cuban claims that Jordan never talked to him yesterday.


MLB Announces Home Run Derby Participants

The newly reformed event will feature a mix of veterans and young players.

The MLB has just recently released the participants for the upcoming Home Run Derby, and it certainly showcases some of the veterans and up-and-coming players in the league. In order of seeding based on current home run totals, the players will be: Albert Pujols, Todd Frazier, Josh Donaldson, Joc Pederson, Manny Machado, Anthony Rizzo, Prince Fielder, and Kris Bryant.


A College Football Fan's Dream Road Trip for 2015

Does 14 different stadiums in 14 weeks sound like fun to you?
A College Football Fan's Dream Road Trip for 2015

You can go to one college football game each weekend. You can't go to the same place twice and the travel budget is endless.


Where are you going? That's 14 straight weekends on 14 different campuses, so ask the spouse for forgiveness, not permission.


The possibilities are almost endless. And it would make for a dream come true for most college football fans.


So I dove into the 2015 schedule and plotted out my dream vacation travel itinerary. Here is where I would go this fall: