MLB Announces Home Run Derby Participants

The newly reformed event will feature a mix of veterans and young players.

The MLB has just recently released the participants for the upcoming Home Run Derby, and it certainly showcases some of the veterans and up-and-coming players in the league. In order of seeding based on current home run totals, the players will be: Albert Pujols, Todd Frazier, Josh Donaldson, Joc Pederson, Manny Machado, Anthony Rizzo, Prince Fielder, and Kris Bryant.


A College Football Fan's Dream Road Trip for 2015

Does 14 different stadiums in 14 weeks sound like fun to you?
A College Football Fan's Dream Road Trip for 2015

You can go to one college football game each weekend. You can't go to the same place twice and the travel budget is endless.


Where are you going? That's 14 straight weekends on 14 different campuses, so ask the spouse for forgiveness, not permission.


The possibilities are almost endless. And it would make for a dream come true for most college football fans.


So I dove into the 2015 schedule and plotted out my dream vacation travel itinerary. Here is where I would go this fall:


Ranking the Big 12 Stadiums for 2015

Athlon ranks and analyzes Big 12 stadiums and attendance numbers.
Ranking the Big 12 Stadiums for 2015

Last summer, Athlon Sports asked 10 Big 12 experts Chip Brown, Blair Kerkhoff, Bill Connelly, Allen Kenney and more to rank their favorite stadiums in the Big 12.


Best Supplemental Draft Picks in NFL History

With the supplemental draft Thursday, take a look at some of the best players in its history.
Best Supplemental Draft Picks in NFL History

Since 1977, the NFL has hosted an annual supplemental draft, which is meant to provide a chance for players who had eligibility issues to be selected. However, it is widely overlooked because only 43 total players have been picked. And in many years, zero players were selected.

The Big Ten's 10 Most Underrated Players for 2015

Which players are underrated?
The Big Ten's 10 Most Underrated Players for 2015

Every college football team has players most would consider underrated. However, defining underrated players is no easy assignment, as that term varies in meaning between fans and experts.


Ubaldo Jimenez Robs Hit With Willie Mays-like Catch

The incredible catch by the Orioles' pitcher kept the game scoreless.

With two men in scoring position with two outs, Orioles pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez was forced to channel his inner Willie Mays to prevent any runs to score. In the bottom of the third, Eddie Rosario had the opportunity to break the scoreless game. Jimenez delivered a high inside fastball that jammed Rosario, but it was a weak hit with the infield playing deep.


Retrial Date Set for Vanderbilt Rape Case

After the last case was declared a mistrial, the prosecution remains optimistic about another conviction.

After the conviction then mistrial in the Vanderbilt rape case that exposed some major problems between sports and college, the judge has set a new trial date for November 30. Former Commodores Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey were convicted on January 27 for their role in a rape of an unconscious woman in June 2013 at a campus dorm. However, it was declared a mistrial after a juror did not disclose that he had previously been a victim of a sexual assault.


De'Andre Johnson Allegedly Called Racial Slurs and Attacked Before Punch

As video surfaced of the horrific incident, Johnson's lawyer stated that he was instigated by the woman.

After a video showing De’Andre Johnson allegedly striking a woman at a bar surfaced, Florida State quickly dismissed him from the team. However, Johnson’s lawyer has come out and stated that the woman instigated the punch. He alleged that she used racial slurs and hit him twice, including a knee to the groin and an attempted punch.


Injury Forces Rory McIlroy Out of British Open

After rupturing his ankle ligament playing soccer, McIlroy will be unable to play at the upcoming tournament.

After recently revealing his off-the-field injury, Rory McIlroy announced on Instagram that he is withdrawing from the upcoming Open Championship. Due to the extent of the injury, it seemed unlikely that the defending champion would be able to play. Even if he did, he surely would have not been at his full ability and that served as one of his reasons.


C.J. Wilson Marks Second NFL Player to Suffer Injury From Fireworks

The extent of his injuries are unknown, although it seems his hands are injured.

Like Andy Warhol said, “one’s company, two’s a crowd,” Jason Pierre Paul is apparently not the only one to suffer from a fireworks-related injury. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson reportedly injured himself over the July 4th holiday while shooting off fireworks. He too suffered a hand injury, but the extent is unknown.