College Football Bowl Projections for 2015

Projecting bowl and playoff games for 2015.
College Football Bowl Projections for 2015

College football’s new playoff format was a huge success. The four-team playoff generated huge ratings and provided what the fans wanted in a postseason: A chance to settle it on the field.


Rory McIlroy Ruptures Ankle Ligament Playing Soccer

The #1 ranked golfer will now be questionable for the upcoming British Open.

Injuries off the field are certainly common occurrences, although they can often be devastating. They can often come from surprising reasons. Top-ranked Irish golfer Rory McIlroy announced on Instagram that he ruptured a ligament in his ankle while playing soccer with some friends. The picture shows him with a large boot around his left leg and crutches for both arms.


U.S. Defeats Japan for Women's World Cup Title

After losing to Japan in the last World Cup, the U.S. dominated them this time around for the championship.

The U.S. Women’s National Team gave a whole new meaning to Fourth of July Weekend. While the country celebrated its 239th year of independence on Saturday, many anxiously awaited Sunday’s matchup with Japan. Any anxiety a fan might have had surely disappeared immediately, as the U.S. netted four goals in the first 16 minutes.


Serena Defeats Older Sister Venus at Wimbledon

In their 26th matchup, Serena beat Venus to continue onto the quarterfinals at Wimbledon.

There’s nothing like winning, and then there’s nothing like beating your older sister. Serena Williams, the WTA No. 1 player in the world, ousted No. 16 Venus Williams in straight sets (6-4, 6-3) at Wimbledon. The win by Serena moves her to 15-11 all time against Venus, who is a little more than a year older. The match seemed inevitable, as both tennis greats were high favorites in their previous three rounds of play.


Fans Fly Confederate Flags Against NASCAR's Desire

As NASCAR tries to distance itself from the Flag, many still proudly flew theirs.

As the track at Daytona attempted to back away from NASCAR’s links with the Confederate flag, plenty of fans still displayed it proudly. For many, there was no need to trade in this flag for the American flag, as they are proud of both and displayed the flags at the track. The call to hide the flag at race events seemed to create a need for these people to show their support of it as part of their respect, heritage, and freedom.


College Football's Top 25 Position Groups Under Pressure in 2015

Which units are under pressure?
College Football's Top 25 Position Groups Under Pressure in 2015

The terms “on the hot seat” or “under pressure” usually apply to quarterbacks and head coaches. After all, there’s an enormous amount of pressure on quarterbacks and coaches for any college football team.

The SEC's 10 Most Underrated Players for 2015

Which players are underrated?
The SEC's 10 Most Underrated Players for 2015

Every college football team has players most would consider underrated. However, defining underrated players is no easy assignment, as that term varies in meaning between fans and experts.


Is the Big 12 in the Middle of a Recruiting Crisis?

The Big 12 is lagging behind other leagues in recruiting. Is this cause for concern?
Is the Big 12 in the Middle of a Recruiting Crisis?

Mike Gundy sat in his office, admiring the framed jerseys of the six first-round NFL Draft picks of his time at Oklahoma State. He considered, too, where they came from.