NFL Suspends Rolando McClain, Antonio Gates and Sheldon Richardson Four Games

The Cowboys, Chargers and Jets will now be without key players.

The NFL brought down the gauntlet today, suspending Cowboys’ linebacker Rolando McClain and Jets’ defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. Both players received their punishments for not complying with the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.


Additionally, San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was suspended four games for PEDs.


A Conway on the Ducks?

Scott Conway has been trying out for the Anaheim Ducks, invoking memories of the Mighty Ducks.

Is there going to be a real life Mighty Ducks? Well there might be. After being dismissed from the Penn State hockey team, Scott Conway seems to be making an effort for the NHL. The Anaheim Ducks recently tweeted a picture of him donning their jersey.


Does something ring a bell? Charlie Conway was one of the players on Coach Bombay’s squad, arguably the leader of the surprise team. Although Scott Conway has not made the team yet, his jersey would certainly be a strong sale.

The Anaheim Ducks are surely excited about this:

Bovada Releases 2015 College Football Over/Under Win Totals

Another sportsbook has released odds for 2015.
Bovada Releases 2015 College Football Over/Under Win Totals

Preseason win totals and projections are an interesting part of any college football season. In addition to Athlon’s projected 128 for 2015, a few sportsbooks have released their projected over/under win totals for the upcoming year.


On Thursday, Bovada jumped into the mix with their win total projections for the coming year.


Rafael Nadal Upset Again at Wimbledon

Dustin Brown sent Nadal packing with an incredible upset.

Ever since reaching the finals at Wimbledon in 2011, Rafael Nadal has really struggled at the prestigious event. Just moments ago, Dustin Brown became the fourth player ranked over 100 to beat Nadal at Wimbledon in as many years.


Though an impressive victory over the No. 10 ranked player in the world, this is the second time Brown has defeated Nadal. He certainly has been a formidable foe for one of the world’s best players in both matches. He was able to change up the tempo a lot, which allowed for him to keep Nadal uneasy all match.

New Dating Website Created for Kentucky Fans

The website looks to match couples with a strong affinity for the Kentucky Wildcats.

For some, sports can be the difference between a relationship working and falling apart. Well this won’t be a problem anymore for Kentucky Wildcat fans. BBNmeetup has launched a dating website solely for those who love the University of Kentucky.


Marcus Mariota Hasn't Signed His Contract Because of Surfing

The Titans have not signed their rookie quarterback because they don't want him to surf.

For various reasons, the Tennessee Titans are on track to be the last team to officially sign their first pick in the NFL Draft for the past three years. While it may seem strange to wait so long, Marcus Mariota’s alleged reason for not signing yet is even more bizarre. He wants to surf. The Titans don’t want him to. Allegedly.


Anthony Rizzo Avoids Tag With Impressive Move

When it seemed that Rizzo would easily be tagged out, he jumped from his slide to steal the base.

Stealing any base, especially third, is extremely difficult in the MLB because of the power and accuracy of catchers behind the plate. As Anthony Rizzo headed to third base on a steal attempt, Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki delivered a perfect throw to Daniel Murphy covering third base. In perfect position to tag Rizzo out, the Cubs star simply defied all odds, jumping out of his slide to avoid the tag.


NASCAR's Daytona Will Trade American Flag for Confederate Flag

In a move to rid the sport of the controversial flag, Daytona is making an attempt to replace them.

As the Confederate flag debate continues to heat up, NASCAR tracks have joined in to show their support to remove the controversial flag from their space. The series heads to Daytona this weekend, and the track has devised an exchange program. The system allows fans to trade in their Confederate Flag for an American Flag.


Cleveland Indians Ride Historic Starting Pitching Against Rays

Their three starting pitchers all carried perfect games into the sixth, with a no-hitter broken up on the last out.

Either the Cleveland Indians put on one of the best starting pitching displays or the Tampa Bay Rays gave one of the worst hitting attempts, or maybe some combination of both. After being swept by the Orioles, they have dominated against the Rays in historical, dominating fashion. So far in the series, the Indians outscored their opponents 21-4 behind an extremely dominating pitching rotation.


Most Patriotic Moments in American Sports History

Looking back at some patriotic moments in American history.
Most Patriotic Moments in American Sports History

Sports are just another strand in the American fabric that makes up the greatness of our beloved country. Sports are a form of patriotism in their own right — a form of civic pride. Sports allow us to come together as one community, one region, one nation to celebrate our way of life, our freedoms, and truly our great country on a large scale. Throughout our nation’s history sport has been part of our national conversation, often leading the cause for change, and helping us heal.


Here is a list of the most patriotic moments in American sports history.