ACC College Football Teams as Rock and Roll Bands

What if ACC teams were Rock and Roll bands?
ACC College Football Teams as Rock and Roll Bands

Music, like sports, sparks debate, creates discussion and can even lead to heated disagreements.


But both are unquestionably a huge part of American culture. So Athlon Sports has decided to combine two of our favorite things — rock and roll with college football.


What if our favorite football programs were rock and roll bands? Every Power 5 team will be represented, so if you don’t see your favorite band or school here, keep your eyes peeled.


Athlon Archive: The Vince Lombardi I Knew

A longtime friend of Lombardi remembers the coach's softer side and early days
Athlon Archive: The Vince Lombardi I Knew

The greatest coach in NFL history — the architect of the Green Bay Packers and the namesake of the league’s championship trophy — died 45 years ago this September.


Though more than four decades have passed since Lombardi last coached a game, he remains a giant in the game’s history and an icon for leadership in and out of the sports world.


College Football’s All-Time Worst Coaches at Great Programs

Great programs have a lot of great coaches. These are not them.
College Football’s Worst Coaches at Great Programs

Anyone can have bad results at a lackluster college football program. Even Bear Bryant or Nick Saban might have trouble staying above water at a program in a bad recruiting era, little tradition and scant resources.

However, it takes a unique situation for someone to struggle at a place sitting in good recruiting territory, with a championship tradition and ample backing from fans and administration.

Comparing All 2015 Preseason College Football Rankings and Picks

We sized up how our rankings lined up with other preseason publications
Comparing All 2015 Preseason College Football Rankings and Picks

For Athlon Sports, the offseason is one of our favorite times of the year.

Of course, we enjoy the season as much as any crazed college football fan, but the bread-and-butter for Athlon since 1967 has been helping readers prepare for the season, helping them get to know the teams and players they need to watch.

Steph Curry Latest To Succumb To Finals

After intense Game 5, Steph Curry receives treatment for dehydration.

The pressure is definitely intense during the NBA Finals, and it has been wearing down key players on both teams. Steph Curry is the latest victim of the moment, suffering from dehydration last night following Golden State’s win. The victory puts them within one of their first NBA Championship since 1975.


Patriots Honored With Incredible Super Bowl Rings

At ring ceremony party, Patriots presented with largest Super Bowl rings ever.

After winning the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, with a seemingly improbable victory, Patriots owner Robert Kraft awarded his team with the biggest rings in NFL history. It is a small sum for an impressive victory and overall season, but nothing is small about the ring itself.


Ned Yost Defends Royals in All Star Lead

Ned Yost sets it straight when discussing his team's All Star voting success.

The Kansas City Royals are currently dominating the All Star vote, and a lot of people are not happy about that. Seven players are slated to make the starting All Star team, potentially with more if this voting surge continues. To many, it may seem ridiculous that so many players are making it from one team, even when there are plenty of other great choices.


Parking in Urban Meyer's Spot is a Really Bad Idea

Don't park in Urban Meyer's spot!
Parking in Urban Meyer's Spot is a Really Bad Idea

Parking in spaces that are marked or designated for certain individuals is never a good idea.


And it’s always a bad idea to block a college football coach in his parking spot. After all, most coaches work long hours and burn the midnight oil.


Thanks to running back Warren Ball, we are finding out Urban Meyer likes to block in anyone who parks in his space. Planning on leaving? Looks like this person will be waiting a while. And it's safe to say they won't be in Meyer's spot again.