Ranking the Top 100 Prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft

Who are the top 100 players in the 2015 NFL Draft?
2015 NFL Draft Top 100 Prospects

It’s here. NFL Draft week is finally here.


For three straight days, 32 fanbases will watch the future of the NFL fall into place as 256 former college players hope to hear their team called between Thursday and Saturday. Super Bowls are won and lost every year on draft weekend and 2015 won’t be any different.


Ranking the SEC's Quarterbacks for 2015

Dak Prescott takes the No. 1 spot.
Ranking the SEC's Quarterbacks for 2015

A handful of SEC teams enter the offseason with uncertainty at quarterback, but there’s no doubt about which player belongs at the top of the rankings for 2015. Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott is the reigning first-team All-SEC quarterback and one of the top signal-callers in college football for 2015.


Ranking SEC Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

Alabama is churning out picks now, but LSU is the leader of the last decade
Ranking SEC Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

SEC fans like to brag about conference depth. On that, the NFL can probably agree.


No league has been more prolific in the NFL Draft than the SEC in the last decade. The league has had 466 players selected in the last 10 drafts, 63 more than any other conference.


In 2014, seven SEC teams had a team selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Ten teams have produced at least one-first round pick in the last three drafts.


Ranking ACC Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

No surprise here: Florida State dominates on draft day
Ranking ACC Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

In the last three seasons, Florida State has rocketed past the field in the ACC, becoming the league’s only true national title contender the last two seasons.


The Seminoles have also dominated draft day for the league, no easy feat with teams like Miami and Clemson churning out draft picks.


Florida State produced 54 picks in the last 10 NFL Drafts, eight more than any other team in the league.


Ranking Pac-12 Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

Steve Sarkisian has some big shoes to fill
Ranking Pac-12 Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

As far as the NFL Draft goes, the Pac-12 is still USC’s league to rule.


Even as Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State have elevated their level of play in recent seasons, USC still casts a shadow on the rest of the conference in the NFL Draft.


Ranking Big Ten Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

Ohio State has commanding lead on draft day
Ranking Big Ten Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

If the national championship and potential preseason No. 1 ranking weren’t enough of a sign, Ohio State football is back on draft day, too.


Hard to believe, but the Buckeyes produced only one first-round pick (defensive end Cameron Heyward, selected 31st in 2011) in the draft between 2010 and 2013.


The Buckeyes had two first-round picks last season, the first time they had multiple first rounders since 2009. This year’s draft might not add too much to Ohio State’s first-round tally, but the wave is coming in 2016.


UCLA Student Willingly Gets Tackled By Linebacker Myles Jack (For a Good Reason)

This student had a unique campaign video.
UCLA Student Willingly Takes a Hit From Linebacker Myles Jack

Danny Siegel is campaigning to be a student representative at UCLA, so he decided to take a hit from linebacker Myles Jack.


Yes, you read that correctly.


Jack is a likely All-American linebacker in 2015 and one of the Pac-12’s top returning players. Needless to say, Siegel probably felt this one the next morning.


Election commercials are usually must-skip television, but we give this one a thumbs up.



Ranking Big 12 Teams in the NFL Draft since 2005

Oklahoma, Texas still rule but others are gaining
Ranking the Big 12 Teams in the NFL Draft Since 2005

If it seems the Big 12 is having a bit of an identity crises, that much is true in the NFL Draft, too.


Oklahoma and Texas are the powerhouses in the draft in the last decade. The Sooners and Longhorns have combined for 98 picks in the last 10 years. The other eight teams have combined for 135 during that span. 


OU and Texas have combined for nearly has many first-rounders (18) in the last 10 years as the rest of the league combined (19).


Ranking the ACC's Quarterbacks for 2015

Deshaun Watson tops the 2015 ranks.
Ranking the ACC's Quarterbacks for 2015

The ACC may not have a playoff contender with Florida State and Clemson each losing several key pieces off last season’s team, but this league will be intriguing with a solid group of quarterbacks returning to the conference in 2015. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson projects as the top passer in the ACC this season, as the talented sophomore is set to take control of a high-powered offense after shining in limited action last year.

NFL Draft 2015: Ranking the Quarterbacks

Where does UCLA's Brett Hundley rank in this year's QB class?
NFL Draft 2015: Ranking the Quarterbacks

It's the most important position on the field and Super Bowls aren't won without them.


The quarterback has become the star of the biggest sport in American culture. It's why 12 of the last 16 NFL Drafts have started with a signal-caller. 


Yet, the two starting quarterbacks in last year's Super Bowl weren't highly touted NFL Draft prospects, as Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick and Russell Wilson was a third-round selection.