World Cup

USWNT Celebrates With Historic Parade in NYC

The USWNT became the first women's sports team to travel down the Canyon of Heroes.

After defeating Japan in the World Cup this past Sunday, the USWNT celebrated as part of a historic parade in NYC. The parade down the famed Canyon of Heroes honored this team, making them the first women’s sport team to receive such an event.


U.S. Defeats Japan for Women's World Cup Title

After losing to Japan in the last World Cup, the U.S. dominated them this time around for the championship.

The U.S. Women’s National Team gave a whole new meaning to Fourth of July Weekend. While the country celebrated its 239th year of independence on Saturday, many anxiously awaited Sunday’s matchup with Japan. Any anxiety a fan might have had surely disappeared immediately, as the U.S. netted four goals in the first 16 minutes.


Devastating Own Goal Ends England's World Cup

With stoppage time close to ending, England suffered an unfortunate own goal.

With the United States ready to find out their World Cup finals opponent, they eagerly awaited the matchup between England and Japan. Tied 1-1 in stoppage time, it seemed the game was headed into overtime. That is, until England defender Laura Bassett accidentally netted the ball in her own net. Japan sprinted up-field with the ball and tried to pass it in, but Bassett attempted to boot it away over the net.


Hope Solo Received Training While Suspended

Although not prohibited, this information was never made public until now.

As No. 1 Germany takes on No. 2 USA in soccer in the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday night, a new report shows that Hope Solo received training while suspended earlier this year. Sports Illustrated found that two coaches, including the US team goalkeeper coach Graeme Abel, spent about a week each with the suspended star.


Keith Olbermann Says Hope Solo Should Be Suspended From the World Cup

The ESPN personality makes his stance on domestic violence known.

Keith Olbermann doesn't tolerate domestic violence of any kind. No one is exempt.


The ESPN personality recently gave his opinion about Hope Solo's domestic violence issues and how unfair it is that she is still a part of the U.S. team for the World Cup. She's not only representing her team, but this country.


"If Hope Solo was a player in the National Football League her best case scenario would be suspension," Olbermann started.


2015 Women's World Cup Team USA Preview and Prediction

The U.S. Women's National Team is poised for World Cup glory.
The U.S. Women's National Team is poised for World Cup glory.

The U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) will make its seventh World Cup appearance at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will be played in six Canadian cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Moncton) from June 6 until July 5. These are the red, white and blue names to know:


USA Soccer: An Early Look Ahead to 2018

Russia Brings a Whole New Set of Challenges, But Will the USA Be Better Equipped By Then?
USA Soccer: An Early Look Ahead to 2018

The 2014 World Cup abruptly ended for the U.S. Men’s National Team on Tuesday in Brazil. With a 2-1 OT loss to Belgium in the knockout round, the Americans will return home with the knowledge that one or two more capitalized opportunities could have changed everything. Although many players are understandably disappointed with the outcome, there are many positives to take away from the United States’ unlikely run.


What if America's Greatest Athletes Played Soccer?

Athlon projects our starting line-up with today's greatest US athletes.
What if America's Greatest Athletes Played Soccer?

You want to know why the United States never has a shot at winning the World Cup?


It has nothing to do with our love of capitalism or that many believe the sport is boring. It has nothing to do with our country lacking athletic ability or other nations simply being superior humans.


The answer is simple. With no disrespect to Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan or Claudio Reyna, the best athletes in the country grow up dunking basketballs, hitting fastballs and tackling running backs.


World Cup 2014: United States vs. Belgium Preview and Prediction

Is the U.S. up to its next challenge - the Red Devils?
World Cup 2014: United States vs. Belgium Preview and Prediction

After Portugal’s 2-1 victory over Ghana, the USMNT sneaks into the knockout round with a 1-1-1 record in the group stage. Belgium, America’s newest foe, is a dark horse to win it all this year. Can the USA earn a decisive trip to the round of 8?


Craziest Moments of 2014 World Cup Group Stage

From Suarez to Messi to Ronaldo to the USMNT, it's been a wild World Cup
From Suarez to Messi to Ronaldo to the USMNT, it's been a wild World Cup

The 2014 World Cup has narrowed its field from 32 nations in the Group Stage down to the 16 teams that advanced to the single-elimination Knockout Stage, which kicks off Saturday, June 28. But before we move on with the tournament, let's take a quick look back at the insanity that took place in Brazil over the past couple of weeks. These are a few of the highlights and lowlights from the 2014 World Cup Group Stage: