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Charlie Sheen's NCAA Bracket


Every March, the nation is united around the drama and excitement of the NCAA Tournament. Luckily, Charlie Sheen has taken it to another level. Through the mastery of Sheenglish, Athlon has put together a tournament unlike any other. Do not expect all the top seeds to move on, like the Obama bracket, but there will be a lot of winning.

The sports world has never seen brackets like these...

The Winning Regional:

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The Sheen Final Four:

After torpedoing Fingertip Poetry, "An F-18, Bro's" Cinderella run came to a brutal end when it ran up against Winning. Nothing else needs to be said. The improbable deep tourney run by "Scoreboard" was highlighted by upsets over "Murdering you violently," "Seven Gram Rocks," "Clowns," "Losers" and, of course, "John Stamos." It took them all the way to the promised land, but since Scoreboard's never lie, they were out-won by Winning.