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Clay Travis Accuses John Calipari of Cheating and Paying Players


Clay Travis is always blatantly honest. 

The Fox Sports personality recently gave his spiel about Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari's multiple appearances on ESPN shows as well as the art of paying college players. The network is known for giving its famous "ESPN car wash" but it's usually done with multiple coaches at once. Calipari had the spotlight all to himself, much to the chagrin of those in and outside the company. 

"Let's be honest, John Calipari is paying players and has been for years," Travis said. "It would be the biggest upset in the history of mankind for him not to be doing that. So this idea that if he goes on ESPN and he does a good job trying to pitch recruits that they're somehow more likely to go there than for the money thing is, I think, ludicrous. I think it's laughable to presume that he's not paying players, and I think lot of people pay players, but I think Kentucky basketball is one of the best-paying in college athletics, for sure... I think John Calipari cheats his a— off."