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Coach K Utilizes Secret Twitter to Monitor Players


Athletes often love social media, especially Twitter, because it gives them a platform to speak upon to their millions of fans. They can interact with others, and it gives a way to broadcast to a large audience whenever. However, there are also plenty of negatives, including backlash and everybody trying to give advice. That is exactly why Coach K of Duke has made his Twitter account secret, under an alias.

Coach K claims that he uses the account only to check his players and make sure that they are acting appropriately on social media. It is a smart idea, considering plenty of athletes have made detrimental mistakes on Twitter. While his use is secret, the players apparently know when he’s on his account, as Jahlil Okafor said. Although he may not be any spy, he at least understands the potential consequences Twitter.

Here are some example Tweets of why Coach K does this:

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