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Dan Le Batard Not a Fan of ESPN's Constant John Calipari Exposure


John Calipari is arguably ESPN's favorite college basketball coach. He's always intertwined with the network in some way.

All this television time doesn't sit well with one of the employees of the worldwide leader in sports. Dan Le Batard, co-host of ESPN's Highly Questionable, spoke about reaching somewhat of a saturation point with the network's exposure of the Kentucky coach.

"It comes off like a gross recruiting tool for Kentucky," Le Batard said on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. "Calling moms of former players, letting him schmooze live on the air, does ESPN have any obligation to keep clear of this type of thing? Cal obviously eats it up as he should ... It's simply not right to give him the entire platform to be out recruiting by himself. It's not the coaches coming through the carwash. It's one super famous coach who already has a recruiting advantage using all of our platforms to go into full salesman mode. ESPN is doing something wrong today as part of transaction, and I'm right in on it."

Le Batard, along with other ESPN hosts, have no say on about guests when it comes to the famous ESPN car wash. The company has that person for the full day, so it's likely going to put them on as many shows as that person can take. In this case, that does include a Highly Questionable appearance for Coach Cal. 

"I feel like I should take a moral stand and just cancel our interview on television with Calipari," Le Batard continued. "I mean this is gross, like, what's happening with Calipari on ESPN today is gross... And Calipari's got the platform to himself today. Usually we bring all the coaches in, but he's got, this sort of like, you know how in politics with fair and balanced and equal time — this isn't equal time. He's wandering around the premises on every platform selling himself and the program. I don't blame him, I blame us."

ESPN usually doesn't like talent to speak out against the company, so it's safe to say this won't go over well with the higher-ups.

(h/t College Spun)