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Florida Gulf Coast will bring Dunk City to Sweet 16


The athletic director is a little annoyed CBS’s score graphic lists his school as “Florida G.C.” One scoreboard mistakenly listed the team as “Florida Golf Coast.” The New York Times issued a correction for a piece that called the school “Gulf Coast College.” San Diego State coach Steve Fisher accidentally called his opponent "Florida State" -- in a postgame press conference. And that doesn’t account for dozens of hastily typed acronyms.

Now every college basketball fan knows Florida Gulf Coast. Or better yet, Dunk City.

Florida Gulf Coast, a school that admitted its first student in 1997 and gained Division I status less than two years ago, is headed to the Sweet 16 after defeating Georgetown and San Diego State.

With the turnover among top teams this season, the question for most of the season was “Is this the year a No. 16 team will finally beat a No. 1?” That answer is no. Instead, this is the first season a No. 15 seed would win two in a row to reach the Sweet 16.

Now, the best story in the 2013 NCAA Tournament will face its in-state two-time national champion, Florida, for a chance at the Elite Eight.

It’s not so much that FGCU made this look easy -- the Eagles led Georgetown by 19 at one point Friday and then went on a 17-0 run against San Diego State on Sunday -- the Eagles made it look fun.

Here are the highlights from Dunk City:

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