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68 Funny NCAA March Madness Bracket Names

These funny March Madness bracket names will make your office pool laugh
Funny NCAA March Madness Bracket Names

Funny NCAA March Madness Bracket Names

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is upon us. Only one person will win your office bracket pick ‘em pool. But everyone can have a funny, crazy, catchy or clever March Madness bracket team or group name. Here are 68 names that should get a laugh, from the First Four to the Final Four. 

Here are out favorite bracket names: 

  • Final Fourgasm
  • Cinderella Story
  • Full Metal Bracket
  • Basket Cases
  • Church of Bracketology
  • When I Think About You I Touch Bill Self
  • Bonzie Scheme
  • Sweep The Leg, Grayson
  • Trippin' Like Grayson Allen
  • 50 Shades of Grayson Allen
  • Grayson's Anatomy 
  • Not In Kansas Anymore
  • Breaking Cardinal Rules
  • The Louisville Escorts
  • Shock It To Me
  • Shock and Awe
  • March Sadness
  • Point Gods
  • Court Stormers
  • Buzzer Beaters
  • Fear the Flash Mob
  • This Whole Thing's a Bracket
  • Bill Walton Smells Colors
  • Crying Jordans
  • 7-10 Splits
  • Jock (Landale) Strap
  • I Can See for Miles and Miles (Bridges)
  • Bubblicious
  • March Mad Men
  • A Long (Aaron) Holiday 
  • Floppers
  • Fast Breaking Bad
  • Ball So Hard University
  • Definitely In My Izzone
  • Sparty Party
  • Bruce Pearl’s BBQ
  • Bruce Pearl Necklace
  • Hoops, There it Is
  • Tark the Left Shark
  • Tark the Shark Week
  • March Badness
  • Brack On Track
  • Bo’s Badgers
  • Bo Knows Loose Balls
  • Headbands Make Her Dance
  • Stallings Will F’n Kill You
  • One Shining Moment
  • And1 Shining Moment
  • Stretch Final Fours
  • Back Door Man
  • Air Ballers
  • One Man Wolf Pack
  • Pitino’s Pity Party
  • Marchmageddon
  • One Time at Band Camp
  • Band-Aides
  • I Still Hate Laettner
  • Coach 1K
  • Cameron Crazies
  • Jay Bilas Follows Me
  • Duke’s No-Look Policy
  • Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game
  • Calipari’s Recruiting Budget
  • Ashley’s Judds
  • Big Bluegrass Nation
  • One and Won
  • Undefeated
  • Ballbusters
  • Harry Balls
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