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Kevin Stallings Yells at a Player, Earth Spins off Axis

Kevin Stallings

Kevin Stallings

No one is innocent in the latest edition of the Vanderbilt-Tennessee in-state rivalry.

Not Kevin Stallings. Not Wade Baldwin. Not the Vols coaching staff. And especially not the media.

Here is the incident in question after Vanderbilt topped Tennessee 73-65 in Knoxville on Thursday night (via ESPN):

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This is a heated rivalry in which tempers can flare easily. It happens from time to time in sports and it happened on Thursday night.

But the Earth shouldn’t be spinning off its axis because a hard-nosed coach disciplined his player harshly. Or a player sort of maybe kind of lacked sportsmanship by clapping a few feet away from an opponent he just beat. Or a losing assistant coach tattling on a teenager.

And the media should be ashamed of itself for writing headlines that make readers think that Stallings threatened to kill his player.

Stallings has apologized. Baldwin is okay with his coach’s actions and has apologized too. The Vols took their medicine in the loss column.

Can we (the media) stop making this into more than it is and move on, please?