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Louisville Announces Self-Imposed Postseason Ban


Louisville announced a self-impose ban from the ACC and NCAA tournaments for 2016.

The NCAA is investigating a woman's claims that she and others were paid thousands of dollars to have sex with Louisville players and recruits during a span of four years beginning in 2010. Katrina Powell wrote a book saying the former director of basketball operations for Louisville, Andre McGee, gave her and escorts payment somewhere in the $10,000 range.

The news comes as a shock to head coach Rick Pitino and players on the team as the program may have to pay for the wrongdoing of previous teams. Pitino said he planned to see the process through and was sure the truth would come out and the school would do the right thing. 

You have to feel for Cardinals senior Damion Lee, who was a grad transfer to Drexel who came to Louisville obviously with the understanding he would be playing in the postseason, or at least have the opportunity to.