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NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Predictions


Like everyone's brackets, some of Athlon Sports' NCAA Tournament picks did not fare so well (Thanks, West region).

That's not going to stop us from giving it another try. Our editorial staff picked every game in the Sweet 16, hopefully with better luck this time around.

Sweet 16/Elite Eight Previews
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Thursday's games

David Fox

Braden Gall

Mitch Light

Mark Ross

Marquette vs. Miami

Miami by 4

Marquette by 2

Miami by 3

Marquette by 3

Arizona vs. Ohio State

Ohio State by 6

Ohio State by 7

Ohio State by 4

Ohio State by 5

Syracuse vs. Indiana

Indiana by 9

Indiana by 13

Indiana by 4

Indiana by 7

La Salle vs. Wichita State

Wichita State by 8

Wichita State by 5

Wichita State by 7

Wichita State by 8

Friday's games





Oregon vs. Louisville

Louisville by 15

Louisville by 14

Louisville by 14

Louisville by 12

Michigan vs. Kansas

Michigan by 3

Kansas by 6

Michigan by 7

Michigan by 5

Michigan State vs. Duke

Duke by 4

Duke by 4

Michigan State by 2

Michigan State by 3

Florida Gulf Coast vs. Florida

Florida by 12

Florida by 17

Florida by 17

Florida by 9