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North Carolina Lawmakers Threaten to Pull N.C. State, UNC from Conference Over Bill


There could be huge ramifications in place if the ACC decides to boycott the state of North Carolina over the HB2 "bathroom bill." 

State lawmakers have filed a bill that could lead to two lucrative schools leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference, N.C. State and University of North Carolina.

If the conference boycotts future championship games causing the state to lose money, this bill will allow for an immediate removal of UNC and N.C. State from the ACC. That kind of move could end up costing the conference millions. Duke and Wake Forest, the other schools in the state, would remain due to the institutions being privately funded. 

"We're taking this seriously and we're not going to sit back idly and let them do whatever they want to North Carolina," Rep. Mark Brody told WNCN

Although students may not want to see their schools leave the conference, clearly the lawmakers are more concerned about keeping revenue from championship games in-state.