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UNC Fans Start Petition to Overturn National Championship Game


Remember the National Championship game between North Carolina and Villanova? Of course you do. 

The UNC-Nova game will probably go down as one of the greatest in title game history. The insane shot by Marcus Paige and then the game-winner by Kris Jenkins is enough to keep fans talking for a long time. It was a horrible way to lose, and the Tar Heels fans aren't taking it lightly. 

According to, a group of UNC fans have started a petition to get the national title game overturned due to poor officiating. Obviously, this isn't going to happen but you can't blame dedicated fans for trying. 

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"This game was poorly officiated from the tip off to the end," the petition states. "It was a one-sided called game all the way through. The officials called fouls against UNC that should have not been called and never called Villanova for the fouls they committed. The officials never called Villanova for multiple travel violations either. Also I want a complete investigation into the officials as it was them that decided the game, not who played better."

So far it has 113 of 500 signatures (Update: it's over 1,000). People really want this game overturned.