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What’s going on with Bobby Knight? He seems angrier than usual.


What’s going on with Bobby Knight? He seems angrier than usual.

Bob Knight, 76, isn’t throwing chairs across gym floors anymore, but he isn’t done with his angry outbursts. The legendary coach was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show in March, when Patrick brought up the subject of Knight’s ongoing feud with Indiana University, where Knight won three national titles — including the last undefeated season (1976) in college basketball history. “Aren’t all those people (who fired you) out of there, coach?” asked Patrick. “I hope they’re all dead,” replied Knight, who coached at IU from 1971-2000.

We caught up with one of Knight’s biggest allies — ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale — and asked him what’s up with the man he reverentially refers to as Robert Montgomery Knight. “Indiana is a sore, sore spot with him. I wish he could let that go,” Vitale says. “I told him once on the phone, I was down there to do a game where they honored his great, great (1976) team, and I said, ‘Bobby, if you walk into the arena, that place, the roof will come off! The fans love you there!’ He doesn’t want to hear it. He’s very, very upset and bitter about what transpired and the way they let him go. And he just can’t let that go.”

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