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15 Craziest, Weirdest and Oddest Moments in College Football 2012


Les Miles' Crazy Postgame Rant

The 41-35 win over Ole Miss earlier this season was a huge victory for LSU. The game was a crazy back and forth affair, so it was no surprise Les Miles was quite animated after the game. 

In other's vintage Les Miles.

Finding Scissors on the Field

During a 48-34 shootout at North Carolina, Virginia Tech wide receiver Dyrell Roberts' discovered something odd on the field. Turns out, it was a pair of scissors.

Ball State's Crazy Tip Drill Interception

The MAC is a conference known for its offensive fireworks, but Ball State used a little creativity on defense to beat Western Michigan this season. With Western Michigan ready to punch in a score to take a lead, the Cardinals tipped a pass intended for a receiver in the endzone. One tip is usually enough for a pass to be intercepted or caught, but this time, the ball was tipped twice and picked off. Another element to the play was another Ball State defender ripping the ball from a defensive lineman in an attempt to take it back for a score.

Georgia Southern DB Suffers Nasty Finger Injury

Georgia Southern defensive back Valdon Cooper had a rough day. Not only was he supposed to matchup against Georgia's receivers, Cooper suffered a nasty finger injury - and the picture isn't pretty. Needless to say, fingers aren't supposed to bend like this:

Tuberville Rips Headset Off Assistant

Texas Tech was heavily favored and expected to easily handle Kansas this season. However, the Jayhawks hung around and gave the Red Raiders all they could handle. The frustration clearly showed on the Texas Tech sideline in the third quarter, as coach Tommy Tuberville ripped the headset off of graduate assistant Kevin Oliver after the Red Raiders got a penalty on fourth down. The five-yard setback prevented Texas Tech from going for it on fourth down. 

After the game, Tuberville commented he was trying to grab the coach's shirt since he needed to get off the field. Really? Not sure that explanation really adds up for Tuberville.

Utah's Crazy Fake Field Goal

Utah came up short in its matchup against Arizona this season, losing 34-24. However, the Utes left it all on the field, as they used a creative trick play to score an early touchdown. The Utes lined up for an easy field goal early in the second quarter. But the holder pitched it between his legs to kicker Coleman Petersen, who ran it in for the touchdown.

Penn State Coach Drops F-Bomb

Considering what transpired at Penn State since last season, it was no surprise Penn State coach Bill O'Brien was quite excited after an overtime win over Wisconsin. 

And O'Brien was so excited, it appears he dropped an f-bomb right at the beginning of the interview. Isn't live television awesome?

Stafford Curses at Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini isn't afraid to get vocal on the sidelines, but the tables were turned on him during his win over Penn State. After a sluggish performance in the first half, Pelini and safety Daimion Stafford got into a heated exchange on the sideline. It's clear from the video Stafford was not happy with Pelini and appeared to drop a couple of f-bombs in the process. It's not clear what the two were discussing, but let's just say neither party was giving an inch in the heated discussion.

Michigan State's Johnny Adams Super Flops

The Michigan State-Nebraska matchup was a huge contest to establish the pecking order in the Big Ten. The Cornhuskers - with a little help from a generous pass interference call - pulled out a 28-24 victory against the Spartans. While the refs may have helped Nebraska with a generous call for the game-winning touchdown, Michigan State's Johnny Adams attempted to get a little help from the officials late in the first half. Adams was battling with receiver Kenny Bell and had an epic flop to try and draw a 15-yard penalty. The refs didn't fall for Adams' flop, but we sure enjoyed it.


This year's West Virginia-Texas Tech matchup was supposed to be a great game. However, the Red Raiders scored an easy 49-14 win. Although the game had a few highlights, one of the best moments was when a streaker jumped onto the field in the second half. Although the streaker managed to make his way around the field, he was quickly nabbed before he removed all of his clothing.

The best part of this video? Watching the police in cowboy hats trying to catch and tackle the streaker.

Jump Pass Time

During Cincinnati's match-up with Syracuse this year, there was one crazy trick play that highlighted the game. On 4th and 2, Cincinnati running back George Winn offered up a sweet jump pass to Travis Kelce, who ran it in for a TD. 

Manziel Recovers Own Fumble and Throws TD

Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel led the Aggies to a huge road win over Alabama this season. Not only did the Heisman Trophy winner play a perfect game, he provided one of Week 11's highlight-worthy moments. On third-and-goal, Manziel stepped up in the pocket to run, yet was hit and lost the ball. However, the redshirt freshman calmly collected the loose ball in the air and tossed a touchdown strike to Ryan Swope.

Trick Play FAIL

During Virginia's game against NCSU this year, the Cavaliers tried to get tricky. With flawless precision Virginia set up a brilliant trick play. That is, until UVA QB Philip Sims drops the wide open pass from RB Perry Jones. It's painful to watch.

Lee Corso Calls A Kid A Midget

OK, so this one isn't weird, but we had to include it. During ESPN's College GameDay, Lee Corso jokingly yells at some kid for his game picks. Enjoy.

Next Question!

Following Michigan State's win over Easter Michigan, Coach Mark Dantonio was in no mood to talk. He offers up a post-game press conference we like to call "Next Question!" It gets good around the 1:30-minute mark.